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Growing Green Onion in Water

Can you believe that by just placing the green onion leftover with roots on water, you will be able to regrow new ones?

Before I share this week post which has no recipe I just […]

Miso Caramel Sauce

Oh! This post had been scheduled to be place live as we are traveling…Iceland…I know…so many people ask us “why?” Well, I heard Iceland is beautiful…and if we get lucky we will be able […]

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Rice with Lower Calories?

Yes, you can lower the calories in rice by changing how you cook it!

For the longest time I wanted to share with you about a method used to lower rice calories…not long ago a […]

Freezing Heavy Cream

Don’t you feel bad when you have to discard leftover heavy cream? I do…as most of the time after using the heavy cream for whatever recipe, I find myself with leftover…guess what? You can […]

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Sprouting Seeds

First of all I want to apologize if I did not visit you this week…I have been very busy at work and I will try to come see as soon as things gets calmer.

This […]

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Lemon Juice Ice Cubes

Do you find yourself with lots of lemons or limes? Here…you can do the following:

1. Squeeze juice out of the lemons or limes
2. Pour in the ice cube mold
3. Freeze until the juice is solid
4. Remove and store […]

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Strawberry Coulis

This is very easy and great to have available all the time. I like to make when the strawberries are in season and store them in the freezer and when needed just thaw […]

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