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Chicken Corn Tofu Soup (1) Simple Recipes @ Color Your Recipes

I have been battling a very bad flu/cold for almost two weeks…after lots of soup and tea, I feel much better although still not totally recovered. So this week I am sharing a soup recipe.

This is a very simple and easy recipe…and it is great at anytime of the year, especially now that is cold, not that it is so cold here in California as compared to some places in US…

This soup is a meal by itself…each and every spoonful of this soup you will taste the soft tofu, tender chicken with the crunchy corn, all together in a flavorful chicken broth and a touch of the sesame oil…yum!

You can call this corn chowder with an Asian touch…

By the way, for all my friends out there celebrating the passage of the lunar year…HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!


1 chicken bread cut into small cubes
½ tablespoon olive oil
1 ½ tablespoon corn starch
1 can of corn
2 cans chicken broth of your choice
1 small block of tofu, cut into small cubes
1 carrot cut into small cubes
Salt and white pepper to taste
1 egg slightly beaten
1 tablespoon sesame oil
Cilantro to garnish

Chicken Corn Tofu Soup (2) Simple Recipes @ Color Your Recipes

Chicken Corn Tofu Soup (3) Simple Recipes @ Color Your Recipes


Is a small bowl, place the chicken in cube, salt, pepper, olive oil and half of the corn starch. Mix until all the chicken is coated with the corn starch. Set aside.

In a pan place the chicken broth and let it boil. Add the carrots, then the chicken. Cook for 3 to 4 minutes, add the corn (drained) and the tofu. Let it boil. In the meantime dissolve the remaining cornstarch in ¼ cup water.

Once the soup starts to boil, gently and with constant stirring add the cornstarch diluted in water. This with slightly thicken the soup. Let it boil.

Add the beaten egg and mix gently after 30 seconds.

Drizzle sesame oil, remove from the heat.

Garnish with fresh cilantro and white pepper.

Serve hot.

Chicken Corn Tofu Soup (4) Simple Recipes @ Color Your Recipes

Chicken Corn Tofu Soup (5) Simple Recipes @ Color Your Recipes

I hope you enjoy this simple recipe…in case you want a more hearty soup you might want to check on Oxtail Soup or Beef Barley Soup.

Curiosity Corner Nov 2013
Did you know that tofu was originated in China? Tofu has high content of protein and low calorie and fat, therefore considered as healthy food.

Have a wonderful week and thank you for visiting Color Your Recipes!

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  1. Hi Juliana, I do hope you feel better soon…your chicken soup with the corn and tofu is sooo healthy, delicious and I just love the addition of the tofu which is a great idea for soups! Hugs,

  2. Sorry to hear that you have been under the weather, Juliana.
    Get well soon and drink more healthy soups like this!

  3. What a tasty looking soup!

  4. Galleta sopa muy completa y reconfortante me gusta muchoooooo,abrazos.

  5. So sorry you’ve been sick- I hope you feel better soon! Soups like this delicious one will definitely do the trick! :)

  6. My dear Juliana,
    I so love these combinations of exotic flavours!!
    Cheers my darling and hope you are having a fabulous week.

  7. The soup sounds delicious!

    Hope you’ll feel all better real soon, Juliana!

  8. Yum, I love the idea of this! I never think to put tofu in soup!

  9. Just what the doctor ordered, Juliana! It looks and sounds so good right about now. I’ve been under the weather but thankfully, not with the flu. Hope you’re feeling better real soon and thank you so much for taking the time to share…

  10. this soup looks very healthy!

  11. Hi Juliana, first of all Gong Xi Fa Chai to you and all at home. Your chicken corn soup is very refreshing. It’s my favourite too! Hope you are feeling better now and please do take care.

  12. This looks so wonderfully simple, warm and comforting! It continues to be cold, cold, cold here in Ohio, with a winter storm on the way this evening – so what we need is definitely SOUP!!! :D I’m so sorry to hear you’ve been feeling so poorly, and I’m thoroughly impressed that you still managed to keep posting recipes! Hope you’re 100% soon – and thanks for this lovely recipe! Pinning!

  13. I hope you feel better soon! Wonderful and comforting sou, Juliana!

  14. Hi Juliana, how you doing? Hope you’re getting better by now. Excellent combination and your this soup is so healthy and appetizing.

    Have a nice day, take care my dear. :))

  15. Get well soon, Juliana.

    I grew up having this type of chicken soup and still love it. Comforting and delicious.

  16. I hope you are feeling much better now as this delicious soups looks very comforting. Feel better and have a great week, Juliana! :)

  17. Get well soon dear.. the soup looks healthy & comforting…yumm

  18. Hope you are feeling much better Juliana. You are the 2nd blogger I see posting a recipe due to a cold/flu. Its that time of the year unfortunately. But the soups looks really wonderful. Happy Chinese New year to you.

  19. I had that awful ‘bug’ earlier in the fall. Not fun! I hope you are on the road to recovery and I see you know the route with this delicious and healthy soup. Happy Lunar New Year!

  20. Hope you are feeling better Juliana… Heard the flu this time is terrible. This sounds yummy! Well I can probably simply substitue a veggie for chicken and try it at home… Looks like I have all the ingredients in my pantry!

    P.S. Happy chinese new year!

  21. I’ve never thought to add tofu to corn & chicken soup, which I love. Great idea! This is such a great soup for when you’re not feeling well or when you just want a light starter. Hope you are all better! Take care and have a good week!

  22. I hope you are feeling better. Chicken soup always makes you feel better when you are under the weather. This soup sounds yummy.

  23. It’s so easy to get a cold/flu during the winter. But yes, you’d have to be so grateful to be spending this winter in California – I’ve heard how freezing it is everywhere else in the US xx

  24. Hi Juliana,

    Love the pretty colours of this soup!

    Hope that you are recovering well from your flu. Gong Xi Fa Chai to you and your family too!!!


  25. I’m so sorry you’ve been sick, Juliana! I hope you get better very soon. This soup certainly looks so healthful and delicious!

  26. Oh no, Juliana!…I’m so, so, so sorry to hear you are sick. That is NO fun. I just came off feeling bad myself. I’m sending you hugs, health and healing with this post! And, soup is the best medicine – and this looks like a great one! Thanks for sharing a great recipe when you’re under the weather. Now, go have some soup and get yourself better!!! Pinning!

  27. This looks comfort food to me, hope you get well soon!

  28. Hope you get well soon Juliana. When I get sick I always make myself a pot of soup. It’s like an universal medicine. Love this simple and light soup. I am going to have to make some soup myself ahead of the coming storms in NYC. Take care!

  29. Dear Juliana, hope you will be feeling much better soon – with a lovely and health soup like this, I am sure that your flu will not stand a chance anymore! I love a good chicken soup but I have never added tofu to it (although we love tofu) – what a nice idea. Your recipe is like pure comfort in a bowl!
    Take good care of yourself and get well!

  30. I hate winter for exactly this reason, cold and flu. I am so sorry and I hope you will get it over with soon my friend. This soup is definitely the best way towards remedy!

  31. I’m sorry you haven’t been feeling well! It seems like everyone is sick right now – no fun! But this soup sounds perfect to help you feel better – soup is seriously the best when you aren’t 100%! Soup and tea : )

  32. I hope you’re feeling better now, Juliana!
    This is sort of an egg drop soup with healthy additions….love the ingredients!

  33. Hoping you are feeling better. The soup looks comforting & delicious and I am sure it helped.

  34. This soup looks wonderful and so comforting! Sorry you have been sick Juliana and hope you are felling better!

  35. Ju que sopa linda, colorida e me parece tão levinha, adorei a receita, bjs, Ana ;).

  36. Sorry you’ve been sick! I hate getting the flu. But soups definitely makes things better, and this one looks wonderful. Love the flavors in this! Thanks so much.

  37. So sorry you haven’t been well Juliana. I hope that the soup helped you recover faster. There is some science to chicken soup so keep having soup! This is one of my favourites and a frequent request from my hubby too. We love everything about it. Yours looks so hearty and comforting. I like mine with a dash of soy sauce, sliced green chillies in vinegar and a huge squirt of sir racha! Yummy! Get better soon Juilana!

  38. Hope you are feeling much better by now Juliana.
    The soup looks so yummy and is the perfect comfort food. Just picture myself with a nice book, it’s snowing outside and I’m enjoying this soup:)
    Happy Chinese New Year to you and everybody at home!

  39. Hope you feel better soon Juliana. This soup sounds perfect to help you get better faster. Love how healthy and comforting this looks :)

  40. Hope you are feeling better Juliana! This is just my kind of soup with lots of corn and chicken. I can eat it, winter or summer. Delicious!

  41. DearJuliana hope you feel better soon, this soup look delicious!!

  42. That flu’ sounds horrible this year. Hope you are much better today. This unusual soup must have been comforting.

  43. That soup looks terrific and I’m sure it could cure most anything. I’m sorry you were under the weather for so long. Next time make this soup first. :)

  44. Ugh, I hope you’ll be 100% very soon! It is definitely soup weather here in the Midwest. If I only didn’t have to go out and buy ingredients in the cold!!! But I will. Your soup looks wonderful!!!

  45. looks great and get well soon

  46. Lovely, simple and tempting. I agree its the best soup for cold.

  47. Querida Juliana esta sopa es irresistible tomo nota me encantò,hugs,hugs.

  48. I sure hope you are feeling better soon! I think this soup will do the trick, it looks delicious!

  49. Hi Juliana,
    Hope by now you have completely recovered from your flu.
    The soup looks delicious and a comfort to have when one is down with flu.
    Have a great weekend!

  50. looks perfect for a cold day.

  51. Wow, slurrping delicious chicken & egg drop soup !!!
    i’m feeling slimmer just by reading this recipe Juliana..

  52. wow delicious soup, healthy too. have a nice weekend

  53. Such a healthy and delicious soup, I love tofu anything :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  54. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been sick, Juliana! Hope you are feeling back to yourself soon. Soup is something I always crave when I’m not feeling well. This one looks delicious!

  55. This is such a wonderful soup and I hope it made you feel better. Have a great weekend!

  56. This is really nice and simple, really good this time here as it started to rain again

  57. Belated happy Chinese new Year, Juliana and I hope you feel better soon!

  58. I hope you feel better soon- you’re fortunate that you’re not living in other freezing parts of the U.S. Several times I’ve fried tofu in small blocks and added it to a salad- this recipe makes me want to try tofu again!

  59. Hope you have fully recovered by this time. Have lots of soups – it will soothe you.

  60. I hope you’re feeling well by now. My son got sick this week and he’s trying to get better. He loves corn and tofu. I looked at your recipe and this will really make him happy! I make egg drop soup, but this is even better with other ingredients! YUMMY! Thanks for the recipe – perfect timing!