These recipes are based from my Brazilian background, they might have a touch of Asian cuisine...I hope you find a recipe that suit your palate.

Bread Recipes

Simple Esfiha Recipe (3) ~ Color Your Recipes Esfihas, Baked Meat Pies
Simple Waffle Iron Pao de Queijo Recipe (4) Waffle Pão de Queijo

Brazilian Pao de Queijo
Bacon Chive Cheese Balls (7) ~ Simple Recipes @ Color Your Recipes Bacon Chive Cheese Balls
Mochi Bacon Cheese Balls
Coconut Rolls

Dessert Recipes

Simple Brazilian Egg Yolk Custard with Coconut Recipe Quindim (6) ~ Color Your Recipes Egg Yolk Custard with Coconut
Simple Flan
Corn Pudding

Fish and Seafood Recipes

Salt Brined Cod Fish ~ Simple Recipes Dot Me
Salt Brined Cod Fish

Meat Recipes

Ground Beef with Yuca
Brazilian BBQ Beef
Quibe or Kibbeh

Poultry Recipes

Chicken with Garlic
Easy Blender Chicken Pie
Chicken in Mayonnaise

Soup/Stew Recipes

Simple White Bean Stew Recipe (4) ~ Color Your Recipes White Bean Stew

Vegetarian Recipes

Panko Panela Cheese

Veggie Pie ~ Simple Recipes Dot Me Veggie Pie
Baked Panela Cheese