Just by mixing two ready available products and you will have this creamy, rich, hearty crab dip…

I learned this recipe while visiting a friend in Palm Desert and no need to mention that I liked it so much that I made it when we had a small family get together. When my friend told me that she was planning to serve Jalapeno Artichoke and Crab dip I didn’t think much about it until I tried it. I was a bit puzzled, as I had tried “Jalapeno Artichoke Dip”, from Costco, but never saw it with crab..and when she told me that she just added crab to the ready made dip I was like…”no wonder I have never seen it…this is really good!”. I dressed it up a little by adding some greens…parsley…and a hint of black pepper.

It is pretty good as it is…cold, but better when slightly warm. So it is up to you to pop the dip into the oven for a few minutes or not. Just imagine loading your crackers (better if homemade) with this creamy, spicy and packed with crab meat…so, so, good!


1 container of ready jalapeno and artichoke dip
1 lb crab meat
Fresh parsley to taste
Fresh ground black pepper


Place the japaleno/artichoke dip and crab meat in a mixing bowl. Mix gently as you do not want to keep some of the chunks of crab meat intact.

Add parsley and black pepper to your taste and mix lightly.

Serve cold or warm with crackers, toasts, vegetables or with whatever your palate craves.

Curiosity Corner 101314 Did you know that crab meat is a good source of protein? Crabs are rich in mineral like all marine species.

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