Somehow I do not like fresh banana, my hypothesis is that back in Brazil bananas were everywhere, therefore I have a kind of “fobia”, but I like banana in cake, pies, bread…in another word cooked. We always have it at home since my husband likes them and many time we get at Costco…as you can see from the picture, he was not able to take care of the load so I decided to create a dessert with it. I wanted something simple and yet yummie.


Ripe bananas
Spring roll wrap
Brown sugar


Cut the banana in half. In the center of the wrap place brown sugar, cinnamon and 1 piece of banana. Wrap by folding like an envelope.

In a skillet melt the butter and add the rolls, let it brown both sides. Serve with vanilla ice cream.

The combination of the crisp hot/warm banana rolls with ice cream is just delicious…now I look forward to have extra ripe bananas so I have excuse to make the banana rolls.


Did you know that banana has many heath benefits?
Here are some of them:
Due to high content of iron, prevents anemia;
Reduce depression because contain tryptophan, help to improve mood;
Contain high fiber, therefore help bowel function;
Very high in potassium, prevent high blood pressure;
High in B vitamins, improve nerve function.

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