Matcha Swirl Sandwich Bread

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Somehow I am in the mood of rolling and twisting…and this bread is a perfect example. I made two loaves with this recipe, a matcha swirl and a black sesame swirl, but I only have the details for the matcha swirl sandwich bread. Honestly the matcha pattern is a lot of fun and in reality is much simpler that it looks. You can roll and twist anyway you want, and I can guarantee you that no slice will look the same. Lately, matcha has been added into all kind of food, especially drinks. What is matcha? Matcha is powdered green tea and because of the way it is grounded, drinking matcha or adding to food, means that you actually eating [...]

Esfiha – Baked Meat Pie

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Sorry for being away…this couple of weeks so much has happened in my life…one of my very good friends has stopped all the treatments for cancer, therefore she is under palliative and hospice care, with the support of my husband I flew with her out of state to help and spend some time with her along with her family. During the time I was with her, we talked and talked, we laughed and cried, we remembered facts in the past, places we went together, we teased each other…and we comforted each other…it was so hard to say goodbye when was time for me to come home, but she was always very gracious and comforting, telling me that she was okay [...]

Rye Sandwich Bread with Gluten

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First of all, I hope you all had a great Memorial Day weekend and had a chance to take a moment to remember all the people that fought for our freedom… This week I am sharing a recipe that is adapted from the one that I posted here. I decide to add some gluten to make the dough a bit pliable, for the horror of the gluten free dieters. Sorry it is nothing personal, since we do not have any problem with gluten I decided to “abuse” a little. The original recipe that I used was pretty good, but the addition of gluten made it softer and silkier. Since rye flour contains less gluten it was logical just to replace the [...]

Rye Sandwich Bread

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We love bread, and I love baking bread…and yes, I know that too much bread is not good, especially the ones that uses only white flour, therefore I try to balance them by using “healthy” flours in my bread baking trek. Honestly, I still like my white bread the best…you know what I mean…the ones that use only white flour…I know…somehow I still have to find a recipe that uses “healthier” flour and gives me the same texture of a white bread… This recipe is pretty good, I incorporated rye flour into the dough. Because rye contains less gluten, it was expected that the dough will not rise as much…and indeed it did not. Nevertheless the texture was acceptable. I [...]

Star and Flower Shaped Toasts

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Do you like toasts? I mean the ones that are crispy and crunchy and are stored inside an airtight container. The kind which you can spread pate, brie cheese, jam and so on…they are so basic and are delicious with either sweet or savory spreads…and all kind of cheese as well. They make great appetizer as well and are usually sold as “mini toasts”. I love to have these toasts available all the time so when I saw these molds on Amazon I could not resist in getting it…so this week I am sharing the dough that I used for these molds. Moreover, you can make all kind of bread and shape them as you like by using one of the three [...]

Cheddar Bacon Green Onion Scone

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I love the idea of having these savory scones in the freezer for a quick and fast snack when I am craving for something salty, they are very versatile, as you can serve them for brunch, with salad, the options are countless… These are fluffy, light and so tasty especially with the melting Cheddar cheese…yum! You can shape them whichever you like, make them big or small. And yes, my scones came out pale…next time making them I will brush them with egg wash before placing them in the oven… Ingredients: 250 g all-purpose flour 1 tablespoon baking powder ¼ teaspoon salt ¼ teaspoon granulated sugar 60 g cold unsalted butter, cut into approximately 12-mm cubes 125 ml buttermilk (or [...]

Pumpkin Cheese Pull-Apart Bread

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Pumpkin and cheese? Why not? As always I love baking bread, and most of the time (not always) I feel guilty using regular wheat flour…somehow I not a big fan of whole wheat, and I am always trying to find a healthier” version for bread…now I found a solution for it…pumpkin pure… Pumpkin pure can be easily added to the bread dough without any fuss…and if I do not emphasize it, you might not even notice the presence of the pumpkin…well, that might not be true…because of the vibrant yellow…which gives a nice and healthy look to the loaf. Now going back to pumpkin and cheese…who said that pumpkin yeasted bread has to be always “sweet”? Well, I can guarantee [...]

Apple Filled Little Buns

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Yes, here I am with another simple recipe for bread…this time I decided to make a lighter version of bread dough as compared to the sweet dough. In spite of no heavy cream and less fat, this bread still turned out to be very light and fluffy… With this one recipe I made two kind of bread, my usual Pullman sandwich loaf and buns filled with freshly cooked apple filling…yes, the buns turned out so good…light bread dough with sweet and a touch of tangy apple…fall is here, and this means lots of variety of apples to choose from… I have a feeling that this bread recipe will be here to stay, especially that contain less fat and still has the [...]

Basic Sweet Bread Dough (Water Roux or Tangzhong Method)

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First of all, I want to apologize for the long time away from blogging…I hope you are all well and did not give up on me…I was literally very busy in the past months and after things got under control we went for a short vacation…now I am back and hope to pick up where I left…as you might know I love bread and since I started blogging, baking bread has been one of my many passions… After playing with many recipes and baking tons of bread, one after another one, I started to feel very critical, and was not content with one particular recipe until I came up with this one, which I now use it quite often and [...]

Chocolate Layered Buns

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These buns are fun to make…it seems more complicated than actually it is…I mainly used basic bread recipe with tangzhong and layered with a chocolate paste. You can roll, twist, layer…in another words play with the dough. I made two kinds of buns/rolls with the same “materials”. The bread dough was done by the help of a mixer, and the chocolate paste was inspired from the recipe at Cookpad. I better stop “talking” here, because this post is pretty long and is loaded with pictures…I hope they can help you to visualize the rolling, twisting and layering… Ingredients: Basic Bread Water roux or Tangzhong 225 ml of water 45 g of bread flour Dough 650g bread flour 150ml heavy cream 80ml [...]