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Jalapeno Artichoke and Crab Dip

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Just by mixing two ready available products and you will have this creamy, rich, hearty crab dip…  I learned this recipe while visiting a friend in Palm Desert and no need to mention that I liked so much that I made when we had a small family get together.  When my friend told me that she was planning to serve Jalapeno Artichoke and Crab dip I didn’t think much about it until I tried it.  I was a bit puzzle, as I had tried “Jalapeno Artichoke Dip”, from Costco, but never saw it with crab…and when she told me that she just added crab, I was like…”no wonder I have never seen it…this is really good!”.  I dressed it up [...]

Air Fried Chunky Crab Cake

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If you are looking for a healthy recipe for crab cakes, this is the one. This crab cakes taste so good that you will not be able to tell that they were pan “fried”  in the air fryer. When eating crab cakes I love big chunks of crab in it…and get so upset when there is more filling that crab, so to fix the problem, I try not to order crab cakes when eating out and make my own.  I have made crab cakes using the conventional way by pan frying the cakes…but this time I decided to experiment with the air-fryer, and you know what?  It does work…especially that I do not have to flip the cakes which sometimes [...]

Ahi Tuna Poke, Raw Fish Salad

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Get a fresh piece of sashimi grade ahi tuna and you are ready for a nice treat…simple and super easy ahi tuna poke (raw fish salad) recipe… We are pretty addicted to poke since we discovered a while ago…poke places are popping up like crazy in our area, even Costco sells it…we have tried many places and they all have their specialties…I am okay with the Costco one, but the portion are humongous…which often is not suitable for our little family of two, and it does not taste the same the next day…so I decided to make my own…the one that I am sharing here today is pretty basic, you can really add what you like and come up [...]

Butter Lemon Swai, Sous Vide

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Have you ever heard of “SWAI fish”? Swai fish is a catfish from Vietnam, which has a delicate texture and much milder taste than catfish which sometimes can have a “muddy” flavor. Swai are moist, soft, flaky, and delicate and its flesh turns from lightly beige to whitish color once cooked. I have baked, steamed and now sous vide. You mainly can cook it anyway you like, because of its delicate texture grilling might be a bit challenging, as the fish might fall apart easily. Apparently there was a “catfish wars” between US catfish farmers and Vietnamese farmers, many accusations were made about the swai fish being raised in polluted waters therefore being poisonous. With all this said, I personally [...]

Shrimp with Cheesy Soft Polenta

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I am sorry for being MIA for a couple of weeks…we decided to take a week vacation in Cancun, the kind of vacation where we did absolutely nothing, just enjoyed the weather and the beach…although we live by the beach, but our beach here in Southern California does not compared to the crystal clear turquoise water from the Caribbean… Anyway, we are back to the usual routine…this week I am sharing with you a very simple recipe of tasty shrimps served over a creamy cheesy polenta…so good…I hope you enjoy this dish as much as we do. Ingredients: Shrimp Approximately 1 lb medium to large shrimp, cleaned and deveined 2 cloves garlic, finely chopped 2 teaspoons fresh squeezed lime juice [...]

Sous Vide Miso Tilapia

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This is my second experiment cooking sous vide, and this time I cooked tilapia. This is such a nice and easy way to cook fish. The filet turned moist, flaky and so tasty, lots of umami. I always like cooking fish with miso, and in order to have enough flavor you need to marinate the fish in miso for some time. Therefore this method makes it very easy since there is no need to plan in advance. My husband loves white fish, he claims that they are less “fishy”…so I usually cook white fish for him and salmon for myself, but not this time as I went for the tilapia as well… I usually buy tilapia at Costco, they are [...]

Chunky Crab Cakes

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Leftover crab meat? Yes, it sounds kind of unheard, but everytime we eat at this particular restaurant, Captain Jack’s, we end up bringing home lots of Alaskan King crab. I usually remove all the meat from the shell and use in salad dishes. Well, this time I decided to make crab cakes…crab cakes with lots of crab meat…big lumps…nothing that will overpower the crab meat…so simple and yet delicious…as a matter of fact I just serve with lemon, nothing else… I love crab cakes, everytime I see crab cakes in the menu I am tempted to order…once I had an awful experience…the crab used in the crab cakes were imitation crab…since then, everytime ordering crab cakes I make sure to [...]

Oden, a Japanese Dish

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I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving with your loved ones…I made it back from Chicago and survived the freezing temperature just a few days in Chicago made me realize how good I have it here in California… This week I am sharing with you something very different…a traditional Japanese hot pot dish…Yes, you might be asking, how and why I made this very traditional Japanese dish…first of all it is delicious, especially when it is cold out there, and second, believe it or not, my parents, mainly my dad grew up when Taiwan was occupied by Japan, therefore both my parents read and speak Japanese…no need to mention that Japanese food was very common when I was growing [...]

Shrimp with Red Quinoa

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This is a very simple recipe packed with protein…delicious nutty quinoa loaded with veggies, topped with a gingery, lemony shrimp. It is gluten free and very healthy! I used frozen ginger and frozen lemon…I just find it very easy to store and use. Just grate the frozen ginger or lemon (whole) using a microplane grater/zester on the shrimp…it is clean and totally trouble free. No need to use any chopping board… Oh! Apparently there is no difference between the red and the white quinoa in terms of nutritional values…but you might need to cook the red one a little longer than the white one and it seems a little more crunchy than the white one. So be my guest and use [...]

Miso Glazed Fish

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I love miso, its saltiness with an added touch of sweet to it…it is just a nice symphony to your palate, creating umami flavor. Miso is very versatile and can be used in salad dressing, dips, base for soup and marinating chicken, beef, fish…you name it…even sweet dishes…which I will share with you in the future. This is a very simple and flavorful recipe for an everyday dinner or a lazy weekend meal. I especially like this simple miso glazed with salmon, but my husband refuses to eat salmon, therefore I used tilapia as well, but feel free to use any fish. Ingredients: 1 ½ tablespoon miso (red) 1 tablespoon cooking wine 1 ½ tablespoons sugar 2 tablespoon water 1 [...]