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Air-Fried Brussels Sprouts

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If you do not care for Brussels sprout, this recipe will change your mind…by simply placing the sprouts in the air fryer and you will totally change your mind about not liking Brussels sprouts. Lately I try to add Brussels sprouts on our table, and I have tried so many recipes, from stir-fry to roasting, and I have to admit that I am very impressed when I air fried it.  I already air fried Brussels sprouts many times, and now I got it really working well. On my first attempt, I treated the Brussels sprouts as I usually do when roasting in the oven…and realized that the loose leaves would be too well done for our taste (burned) and that [...]

Farro Salad with Roasted Tomatoes

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This is such a simple and yet tasty salad, farro is used as a base grain. It is loaded with delicious oven roasted grape tomatoes marinated with olive oil, garlic and thyme. This can be served as a meal by itself or as a side dish. I love the idea of adding roasted grapes tomatoes; they are naturally sweet which gives this farro salad a touch of sweetness. I think this salad will be very suitable during summer months along with any BBQ. Now back to farro…farro is a kind of wheat, it was a staple food in ancient Rome and it’s believed that this was a grain of choice for the Roman soldiers thousands of years ago. In spite [...]

Celery Salad with San-J Sauce

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This is a very simple and easy recipe using mainly blanched celery, yes blanched celery…this way the celery still crunchy and yet somehow delicate. I accepted the invitation to try more San-J sauces, they were sent to me without charge, and I did not receive any compensation for this post and all the content and opinion in this post are solely mine. I decided to use the gluten free organic tamari soy sauce in this recipe, and I love it, especially because this is a reduced sodium version of soy sauce. You can look for more San-J sauces here and pick your favorite one. In Asian cuisine, salad is not very common, most of the so called vegetable “cold dishes” are either [...]

Miso GLazed Delicata Squash

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Have you ever tried Delicata squash? If you have not, please check this post to see how this squash looks like. Anyway, this is a twist on the roasted Delicata squash recipe, miso is added almost at the end to give the squash an umami touch. I grew up with miso, therefore I never thought much about it, until recently I realized that I like the taste of miso and could not explain why…here is why, it is the now well accepted UMAMI taste which is known as the fifth primary taste. This is such a simple and easy recipe that can be easily added to your Thanksgiving table as one of the side dishes…you will be surprise what a little touch [...]

White Bean Stew

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  In Brazil, like many Latin American countries, rice and bean (arroz e feijão) is a basic in almost every meal…Brazilians eat beans for lunch and dinner, and it is mainly served with rice. The most used bean for the everyday meal is a bean very similar to pinto beans, but the Brazilian national dish called “feijoada” which is a stew made with beef, pork, it uses black beans. Since it is an everyday dish, you can imagine how many recipes for making beans is available, every person has their personal touch to the everyday “feijão”…well, I am sharing with you a very simple recipe that I have been using for ages, and again, feel free to adapt to your [...]

Cucumber and Tomato Salad with Chia Sprouts

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Oh! Before I forget…I hope all the mom’s out there had a wonderful Mother’s Day! I am sorry to disappoint you, but the highlight of this post is not really the cucumber and tomato salad but the chia seeds sprouts… Lately I have been sprouting seeds for salad and sandwiches…all kind of seeds such as alfalfa, broccoli, cloves, radish…and chia seeds are one of them…I will be sharing my other sprouting experience with you in the near future… In this cucumber and tomato salad, I just added fresh squeezed lime juice, a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, salt and fresh ground pepper…nothing else…it is simple and so tasty… Now let me tell you what I did to sprout chia [...]

Rainbow Carrot Slaw Salad

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This is such a simple, fun and easy recipe for put together…the colors of the rainbow carrots are so “sunny”, and it will make any dinner table look very pretty and “happy”. The flavors of this carrot slaw burst with the tanginess of apple vinegar and the sweetness of the honey. There are many textures, from slightly chewy, crisp to crunch…as you can see and imagine…this rainbow carrot slaw is packed with a lot of pleasant qualities for the taste buds…I sure hope you get to try it… Ingredients: Approximately 1 lb of carrots, peeled and grated 2 tablespoons apple vinegar 3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil 1 ½ tablespoons honey 2 to 3 tablespoons fresh chopped parsley 3 to [...]

Stir Fry Wheatberries

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Asian Stir-Fry Wheatberries with Eggs and Chinese Sausage This is a very simple and fast recipe considering that you have cooked wheatberries. The recipe is similar to the Egg Fried Rice with Chinese Sausage…and it is great as a main dish since it contains veggies and protein. Wheatberries are wheat, I mean the whole wheat kernel except the hull. I personally like to wash and soak the wheatberries before cooking, usually overnight. Wheatberries are chewy and packed with nutrients and dietary fiber, therefore much healthier than plain rice. So if you like wheatberry it is good to cook a big batch and use throughout the week in salad, soup or stir-fry. Ingredients: 1 cup wheatberries 3 to 4 cups water Pinch [...]

Zucchini Noodles

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This is a simple and healthy way to serve zucchini…and really taste delicious! Just add the Ginger Green Onion Sauce that I posted a while, which you can find the recipe here and it is ready…Again, this is so easy and simple that I am embarrassed to post it, but hey…I am doing it anyway! Ingredients: Zucchini (as many as you want) Ginger green onion sauce to taste Method: In a medium pot place water and a pinch of salt and bring to boil. Wash and trim both end of the zucchini. Using a mandolin slice zucchini lengthwise into long, and thin strands. Separate the zucchini noodles. Add to the boiling water and cook the zucchini for about 1 minute. Quickly transfer the [...]

Chinese Sausage Fried Rice

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I love rice dish, and this one is so easy and simple to make, particularly if you have leftover rice. I added some Chinese sausage to this rice, but you can add chicken, pork, shrimp or even bacon…whatever your palate calls for. The nice about this stir fried rice is that the rice grains are covered with a thin layer of egg…yum! This is sure a very simple dish to put together especially during this holiday season, where life seems busier than usual with parties, baking and lots of shopping…so get your ingredients ready and make sure that you make extra for your next day lunch…simply delicious! Ingredients: Approximately 2 cups of cooked rice, preferably long grain 1 tablespoon soy [...]