I am sharing this recipe of “frango à passarinho” which is very popular in Brazil at Chandani’s site…

I have been following Chandani via her Travel Through Food for a while, so when she asked me post as a guest on her site, I was very honored and thought that this was a great opportunity to introduce myself to her readers and share this simple recipe which somehow illustrates the aspiration of my site…simple and with a touch of my mixed background.

Chandani is from Nepal, which means moonlight in Nepali. She is a very fun and lively girl. She started to realize the beauty and art of cooking after leaving her mom’s cooking to pursue her studies. Throughout her travels, she learned to appreciate food and also incorporate them into her mom’s recipes to make them unique. In spite of reading a lot of recipes, she does not like to follow them, she just follows her heart when it comes to creating dishes. She loves to cook for her friends and family and her greatest motivations are the smiles that she gets from them after tasting her food.

Now that I am done with introducing Chandani, please take a moment to visit her site, Travel Through Food, and finish reading the remaining of my post. I hope you all enjoy Chandani’s site as much as I do.

I hope you enjoy this healthier version of this very popular dish from Brazilian and Chandani’s site.


Did you know that “frango à passarinho” in Portuguese means chicken like little birds? It is because this dish is usually done by deep frying small pieces of chicken.

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