Green onion or scallion is very easy to grow at home. You just need a pot of all-purpose soil and the white part of the green onion with the roots (bulbs)…and you will have green onion throughout the year.

When in need of some green onion for your cooking just cut it in between the white and green part of the onion and leave the remaining part with the bulb in the soil. After a few days you will see them growing again.

Buy Green onion at the local grocery store.

Cut approximately ½ in from the root, making sure that bulbs are intact

Place the bulbs into the soil making sure that the roots are side down and leave approximately ¼ in of onion plant above the soil.

Place the pot in a sunny area or window and water every time the soil is dry.

Use the green onion as you desire by harvesting and leaving approximately ¼ inch of the plant above the soil.

The green onion will grow over and over.

I hope you try this simple method of growing green onion at home.

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