Have you ever seen or tasted lemon cucumber? This is sure my first time ever…we picked a small plant when we decided to put a small vegetable garden on the rooftop. Since we have never tasted or seen lemon cucumber, we decided to give this plant a try…so after a few weeks we harvested our first crop and made salad with it…so interesting!

The lemon cucumber as the name says it…resembles lemon due to the round shape and yellow color. Lemon cucumbers are sweeter than the regular cucumbers. The skin is a bit hard, therefore it is better peeled.

No recipe…I simply tossed the peeled cut up lemon cucumbers with tomatoes, fresh chopped cilantro, fresh squeezed lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper…so refreshing!

Anyway, before I go I would like to share some of my summer harvest before the summer is over…All these vegetables were ”collected” from our rooftop garden.  The vegetables were planted in individual pots and it was very fun seeing them grow from a small plant to fully grown plants loaded with flowers and then seeing the flowers turn into fruits/vegetables…even more exciting when we got to serve the same fruits/vegetables on our dinner table.

Now…take a look of some of my harvest…

I hope this post entice you to try planting some edible vegetables…it is sure a lot of fun!

Thank you for visiting Color Your Recipes…have a colorful week!