Homemade lemon curd is the best…tangy and yet sweet…creamy and silky…and together with fresh blueberries is just heaven on earth.

After eating lemon curd by the spoons and mixed with homemade yogurt I decided to add some fresh fruit with it…and what is the match in heaven with lemon curd? Fresh blueberries…I made them into small serving portions, but if you like you can make it into large portion…

There is really no recipe…just crumbled a few biscuits, such as almond biscotti or graham crackers and place on the bottom of the little glass, fill with a mix of lemon curd and add as much blueberries you can fit in it…

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  • Lemon curd, preferably homemade
  • Fresh blueberries
  • Graham crackers
  • Fresh mint leaves for garnish


Crumble the biscuits or graham crackers and place in the bottom of the cups.

Add a spoonful of lemon curd on top of the crumbled crackers and gently place the blueberries in it by gently pressing it down.  Be gently as you do not want them smashed.

Fill the cup as desire and garnish with fresh mint leaves.

Serve cold.

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Did you know that blueberries are packed with anthocyanins? Anthocyanins are flavonoids, which are found in wines as well. Anthocyanins are very distinct due to its pigmentation. Moreover, it is believed that the cardiovascular benefits of the anthocyanins is due to the oxidative stress protection.

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