This is a fun sandwich bread where layers of matcha dough can be found in each slice of bread. Tangzhong method is used in this recipe to accomplish a soft and cottony texture.

Somehow I am in the mood of rolling and twisting…and this bread is a perfect example. I made two loaves with this recipe, a matcha swirl and a black sesame swirl, but I only have the details for the matcha swirl sandwich bread.

Honestly the matcha pattern is a lot of fun and in reality is much simpler that it looks. You can roll and twist anyway you want, and I can guarantee you that no slice will look the same.

Lately, matcha has been added into all kind of food, especially drinks. What is matcha? Matcha is powdered green tea and because of the way it is grounded, drinking matcha or adding to food, means that you actually eating the green tea.

Matcha contains high levels of antioxidants and is an energy booster since contains caffeine. Many studies suggest drinking green tea may protect skin, heart and bones, therefore matcha might exhibit similar benefits.

In my opinion, the key word is “moderation”…everything should be eaten in moderation no matter what claims are.

Anyway, enough of talking…lets head to the recipe.


Water roux or Tangzhong

  • 45 g bread flour
  • 225 ml water
  • 600 g bread flour
  • 60 g sugar
  • 7 g salt
  • 8 g yeast
  • 60 g half and half (or heavy cream, or water)
  • 20 g dry non-fat milk
  • 140 ml water
  • 60 g butter
  • 4g matcha


Water roux or Tangzhong

In a small pan, mix all the ingredients of water roux, place in a low heat and stir constantly until the temperature reach 65C (150F), or if you do not have a thermometer, cook until ripples form. Set aside to cool by covering with a plastic film. Please see here.

Bread dough

Place all the cooled water roux and all the ingredients listed under dough into a mixer except for the butter and the matcha powder. Mix until all the ingredients are together, it will slightly sticky.

Increase the speed to number 2 and continue to mix for 5 minutes.

Add the butter and continue the mixing until the dough is smooth and comes out of the mixing bowl, this will take approximately 15 minutes. You will notice that the dough will no longer be sticky.

In a small bowl weigh the matcha and add 1 to 1 ½ tablespoon of water and make a thick paste. Remove the dough from the mixing bowl and weigh 250g of dough . Add matcha paste to the dough and knead well until all the matcha is incorporated into the dough.

Place the doughs into 2 separate bowls. Cover and let it proof until the size triple from the original size.

Now it is time to shape the dough…

Knock back doughs and weigh 330g of the white dough. Split into 4 small balls. Split the matcha dough into 4 little balls.

Flatten the ball white dough into a square and do the same with the matcha dough, using a roller pin. Layer the matcha dough onto the white dough and roll making sure that the air is removed and roll it like a Swiss roll. Twist the roll around it. Place the rolls in a Pullman pan with lid. Repeat with the remaining 3 balls of white and matcha dough.

Let the dough rise until triple of its original size.

Cover the pan and bake in a preheated oven of 350F for approximately 25 minutes.

Remove from the oven and flip the bread into a wire rack to cool. Slice according to your like.

Store the bread in an airtight container.

Did you know that green leaves for the production of matcha are placed in shade during growth in order to slow it? Moreover, during this process, there is a stimulation of chlorophyll production, turning the leaves into a dark green.

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