These little chewy balls are a favorite snack/dessert in Asian cuisine. The white and soft, chewy balls are gluten free and made with glutinous flour and water.

I love the texture of mochi, slightly chewy, soft, gooey…and very versatile, can be served in savory or sweet dishes. This dough can be used in many traditional Asian snacks/dishes and it is gluten free.


1 lb glutinous rice powder
½ cup boiling water
Cold water


Place the glutinous rice powder in the mixer with the hook. Add ½ cup of boiling water over the powder and let it sit for 20 seconds, turn the machine on and mix on low speed.
Add more water as needed until a uniform ball forms, stop the machine and scrap the sides as needed. Continue mix for a few more minutes, more you knead the dough chewier the little balls will be.

Remove the dough from the mixing bowl and make a string, pulling pieces out of the string and make little balls by placing the pieces in between your hands making circular movements. Place the balls in a silicon mate. At this point you can cook them by placing the mochi balls in a boiling water or freeze.

If you decide to freeze, let it sit in the freezer until the mochi balls are totally frozen and then place it in an airtight plastic bag.

When time to cook the frozen mocha balls, proceed as fresh ones by placing the desired amount in a pan with boiling water. Cook until the balls come to the surface and swollen up.

Drain and add the cooked mochi balls to any soup, sweet or savory of your preference.

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