Have you ever seen a Delicata squash? They are so cute! I got mine Delicata squash at Trader Joe’s and as soon as I saw it I told my husband I need to try this…and boy, they are so good. This squashes are simple and easy to manage as compared to some other squash that are so hard to cut.

I simply wash, cut add some olive oil and freshly grounded pepper and put them to roast on the small oven.

They taste so sweet and creamy, almost melting in your mouth…the texture of this squash is indeed very delicate as its name…now that I know how this squash taste, I will make sure that grab them everytime I see it…so if you have never tried this squash I urge you to give them a try, you will not regret.

Now, I am kind of embarrassed to post such a simple recipe…but hey…what can I do? Most of the time simple is better…


1 Delicata squash
Olive oil
Ground pepper


Wash the squash and remove both ends. Cut into approximately ½ in. Remove the seeds using a small spoon by scrapping the seeds off.

Place the sliced squash into a bowl and add some olive oil and freshly ground pepper. Lay the squash on an oven safe tray.

Roast in a preheated oven of 425F for approximately 20 to 25 minutes.

Serve warm or cold.

I hope you enjoy this simple, very simple recipe…

Did you know that Delicata squash is rich in dietary fiber? In spite of the color, apparently this squash is not rich in beta-carotene as the other similar color squash.

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