Nothing is more comforting than home baked sourdough bread, crispy and slightly chewy…

Before I start, I must admit that I almost gave up on the sourdough starter, not to mention the frustration and the defeat feeling and on top of it I really felt insulted since I had so much training in microbiology laboratory.  Well, determination won the case…and I finally cultivated a few jars of very healthy sourdough starter.  Therefore with all my “manipulations” and add a bit here, take a bit there, I am not sharing a recipe for the starter…as you can easily search on the internet and look for a recipe that best suit you.

What I am sharing with you is the wonderful bread that I made with the sourdough starter…just bear in mind that my sourdough starter has 100% hydration, meaning that the weight of flour and water is exactly the same.

This particular recipe has 85% hydration, therefore the dough is very “wet”, you can easily adjust to less hydration such as 83%, which will make it easier to handle.


  • 90 g of sourdough starter
  • 300 g bread flour (100g plus 200g)
  • 5 g salt


The day before baking the bread, mix together the sourdough starter with 100g bread flour and 100g water.

Let the mix at room temperature for about 10 hours or overnight.

After the “incubation” time add 130g water, the remaining 200g bread flour and the salt.  Mix well and proceed as described here.

If you enjoy this no-knead sourdough bread, you might want to take a looks at the No-Knead French Baguette recipe.

Did you know that sourdough dough is fermented by a combination of wild yeast and lactobacillus? Lactobacillus is the bacillus used to produce yogurt, sauerkraut, cheese and other fermented food products.

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