I hope that all my friends in US are having a fun and safe Labor Day long weekend…

Have you ever bought the bag of spinach at Costco? Well, every time  I buy it, I need to desperately use it,  otherwise most of it will go to waste.

After sautéing, making salad, steaming…I found myself with still 1/3 of the bag…now, think, think, think…
That is when I came up with this very light, simple and yet tasty spinach with ponzu sauce topped with walnuts. It is good and the complexity of textures and flavors are amazing…

Ponzu sauce? Yes, ponzy sauce or ponzu soya is very common in Japanese cuisine. It is a pre made sauce that is mainly composed of soy sauce and citrus flavor. It tastes like a diluted soy sauce with lemon/lime.


Bunch of spinach
Ponzu sauce to taste
Sesame oil


In a big pot, place water to boil. Add the spinach and let it blanch for a few seconds. Drain the spinach and immediately emerge the spinach in ice water.

Drain the water well by squeezing the spinach in between your hands.

Place the spinach in the serving plate, drizzle with ponzu sauce, then sesame oil and top it with walnuts.
Serve immediately.

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Did you know that spinach contains high levels of antioxidants and is a very rich source of iron? In spite of the high content of iron, spinach also contains oxalate, an absoption-inhibiting substance, which prevents the iron in the spinach to be absorbed by the body.

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