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Frangipane Toast

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This toast is almost like a dessert for breakfast. The toast is covered with a layer of creamy frangipane and topped with toasted slices of almond.  Perfect with a cup of tea or coffee. Okay, you might feel that I am cheating…this is a simple version of the Frangipane Rolls. Since we had so much frangipane rolls, I decided to use up the almond cream so it would not go bad. In this recipe I used the same dough, just in different format. I spread a generous layer of almond cream, sprinkled some sliced almond and voila… Can I tell you a secret? I just learned when writing this post that the past tense of the verb “spread” is “spread”…so interesting [...]

Rye Sandwich Bread with Gluten

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First of all, I hope you all had a great Memorial Day weekend and had a chance to take a moment to remember all the people that fought for our freedom… This week I am sharing a recipe that is adapted from the one that I posted here. I decide to add some gluten to make the dough a bit pliable, for the horror of the gluten free dieters. Sorry it is nothing personal, since we do not have any problem with gluten I decided to “abuse” a little. The original recipe that I used was pretty good, but the addition of gluten made it softer and silkier. Since rye flour contains less gluten it was logical just to replace the [...]

Rye Sandwich Bread

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We love bread, and I love baking bread…and yes, I know that too much bread is not good, especially the ones that uses only white flour, therefore I try to balance them by using “healthy” flours in my bread baking trek. Honestly, I still like my white bread the best…you know what I mean…the ones that use only white flour…I know…somehow I still have to find a recipe that uses “healthier” flour and gives me the same texture of a white bread… This recipe is pretty good, I incorporated rye flour into the dough. Because rye contains less gluten, it was expected that the dough will not rise as much…and indeed it did not. Nevertheless the texture was acceptable. I [...]

Baked Thai Chicken Drumstick

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This is a very simple and easy recipe. I got a big package of organic drumsticks from Costco which comes in small package containing 6 drumsticks each, which e very convenient. After searching for recipes, I decided to try this recipe from here, with some changes. In this recipe you will need some unusual ingredient such as fish sauce, which is a very common sauce used in Southeast Asia. You will need to acquire a taste for this sauce, although in this recipe there is only a hint, therefore no need to worry about the pungent and smelly nature of this sauce. It is tastier if you marinate the drumsticks for a few hours, thus saturating the chicken with all the [...]

Miso GLazed Delicata Squash

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Have you ever tried Delicata squash? If you have not, please check this post to see how this squash looks like. Anyway, this is a twist on the roasted Delicata squash recipe, miso is added almost at the end to give the squash an umami touch. I grew up with miso, therefore I never thought much about it, until recently I realized that I like the taste of miso and could not explain why…here is why, it is the now well accepted UMAMI taste which is known as the fifth primary taste. This is such a simple and easy recipe that can be easily added to your Thanksgiving table as one of the side dishes…you will be surprise what a little touch [...]

Pumpkin Cheese Pull-Apart Bread

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Pumpkin and cheese? Why not? As always I love baking bread, and most of the time (not always) I feel guilty using regular wheat flour…somehow I not a big fan of whole wheat, and I am always trying to find a healthier” version for bread…now I found a solution for it…pumpkin pure… Pumpkin pure can be easily added to the bread dough without any fuss…and if I do not emphasize it, you might not even notice the presence of the pumpkin…well, that might not be true…because of the vibrant yellow…which gives a nice and healthy look to the loaf. Now going back to pumpkin and cheese…who said that pumpkin yeasted bread has to be always “sweet”? Well, I can guarantee [...]

Chocolate Layered Buns

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These buns are fun to make…it seems more complicated than actually it is…I mainly used basic bread recipe with tangzhong and layered with a chocolate paste. You can roll, twist, layer…in another words play with the dough. I made two kinds of buns/rolls with the same “materials”. The bread dough was done by the help of a mixer, and the chocolate paste was inspired from the recipe at Cookpad. I better stop “talking” here, because this post is pretty long and is loaded with pictures…I hope they can help you to visualize the rolling, twisting and layering… Ingredients: Basic Bread Water roux or Tangzhong 225 ml of water 45 g of bread flour Dough 650g bread flour 150ml heavy cream 80ml [...]

Stir Fry Wheatberries

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Asian Stir-Fry Wheatberries with Eggs and Chinese Sausage This is a very simple and fast recipe considering that you have cooked wheatberries. The recipe is similar to the Egg Fried Rice with Chinese Sausage…and it is great as a main dish since it contains veggies and protein. Wheatberries are wheat, I mean the whole wheat kernel except the hull. I personally like to wash and soak the wheatberries before cooking, usually overnight. Wheatberries are chewy and packed with nutrients and dietary fiber, therefore much healthier than plain rice. So if you like wheatberry it is good to cook a big batch and use throughout the week in salad, soup or stir-fry. Ingredients: 1 cup wheatberries 3 to 4 cups water Pinch [...]

Kind of Pull-Apart Green Onion and Cheese Bread

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I was amazed by the shape of this bread when I saw it here and wanted to make something similar, but of course with a twist…an Asian twist. This bread is great for party…not only has a very interesting look as well as easy to serve…you just need to twist and pull apart. Apparently the original recipe was based on kalács which according to Wikipedia is a Hungarian sweet bread similar to brioche. The shape of the bread might be frightening at first, but in reality it is quite simple and fun to put together. You will need to split the dough into two equal parts and then shaping, filling, playing with scissors and twisting will take a part in [...]

Zucchini Noodles

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This is a simple and healthy way to serve zucchini…and really taste delicious! Just add the Ginger Green Onion Sauce that I posted a while, which you can find the recipe here and it is ready…Again, this is so easy and simple that I am embarrassed to post it, but hey…I am doing it anyway! Ingredients: Zucchini (as many as you want) Ginger green onion sauce to taste Method: In a medium pot place water and a pinch of salt and bring to boil. Wash and trim both end of the zucchini. Using a mandolin slice zucchini lengthwise into long, and thin strands. Separate the zucchini noodles. Add to the boiling water and cook the zucchini for about 1 minute. Quickly transfer the [...]