Lemon Thyme Chicken, Sous-Vide

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Yes, I am still playing with the sous vide method…so far this method has not disappointed me… This week, I am sharing with you a very simple recipe for a juicy, flavorful chicken breast. The good thing about this method is that you never overcook, even if you leave the chicken breasts in the water-bath longer than the set time. As your chicken is cooking (sous-vide) you have all the time to do whatever you need to do and not to worry that the chicken breasts will be over cooked, therefore, dry and rubbery. The sous vide cylinder, that I use is from Anova and you can find it HERE. Ingredients: 2 chicken breasts 1½ tablespoons olive oil 6-7 sprigs of [...]

Butter Lemon Swai, Sous Vide

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Have you ever heard of “SWAI fish”? Swai fish is a catfish from Vietnam, which has a delicate texture and much milder taste than catfish which sometimes can have a “muddy” flavor. Swai are moist, soft, flaky, and delicate and its flesh turns from lightly beige to whitish color once cooked. I have baked, steamed and now sous vide. You mainly can cook it anyway you like, because of its delicate texture grilling might be a bit challenging, as the fish might fall apart easily. Apparently there was a “catfish wars” between US catfish farmers and Vietnamese farmers, many accusations were made about the swai fish being raised in polluted waters therefore being poisonous. With all this said, I personally [...]

Low Caloric Content Rice

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Yes, you can lower the calories in rice by changing how you cook it! For the longest time I wanted to share with you about a method used to lower rice calories…not long ago a team of scientists from Sri Lanka have developed a simple way to cook rice that could reduce the calories absorbed by the body by up to 60%. A little background…rice contains two types of starch: digestible and resistant. The digestible starches can be quickly broken down by our bodies, turn into glucose and store as fat if we do not burn it (increase weight or obesity). The resistant starch cannot be digested, they just pass through the large intestine therefore not absorbed by our body. [...]

Simply Hummus

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This is my first time making hummus, and I am so proud to say that I really made it from scratch…It all started when I got the dry garbanzo beans or chickpeas. The great thing about making your own hummus is that you can make it thinner, thicker, spicy, lemony…in another words, dress as your palate desire. This simple hummus is great on crackers, as vegetable dip, on top of salad, sandwich spread…there is no end to where you can add some hummus. I end up with a lot of cooked chickpeas and froze them for future use after placing into small bags.   Ingredients: 300g drained cooked chickpeas ½ cup tahini (approximately 135g) 1 tablespoon olive oil 2 ½ [...]

Portabella Stuffed Turkey

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Before you continue reading my post, I need to apologize for not posting anything that is like “Halloween”…somehow I did not come out with anything interesting using Halloween theme…I have been out of creativity lately…yes, you can add some “eyes” and “nose” on this stuffed Portabella mushroom… Anyway, this is another way that I found very tasty to use Portabella mushrooms…by stuffing it with ground turkey. It is simple and delicious! I love this by simply serving with a small side salad. I hope you enjoy! Ingredients: 1 lb ground turkey 1 red bell pepper, chopped ½ cup bulgur 1 green onion chopped finely Dash of ground all-spice Salt and pepper to taste 1 tablespoon olive oil Fresh parsley finely [...]

Shrimp with Red Quinoa

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This is a very simple recipe packed with protein…delicious nutty quinoa loaded with veggies, topped with a gingery, lemony shrimp. It is gluten free and very healthy! I used frozen ginger and frozen lemon…I just find it very easy to store and use. Just grate the frozen ginger or lemon (whole) using a microplane grater/zester on the shrimp…it is clean and totally trouble free. No need to use any chopping board… Oh! Apparently there is no difference between the red and the white quinoa in terms of nutritional values…but you might need to cook the red one a little longer than the white one and it seems a little more crunchy than the white one. So be my guest and use [...]

Poached Fish with Wheat Berry

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I first learned about poaching fish when reading Kitchen Riffs, Poached Salmon…the simple recipe of poaching salmon sure got me intrigued and I went on to try…and boy it is simple and so good…the fish comes out nice and moist. I don’t know how come I have never thought in poaching fish before as many of Chinese dishes that my mom makes use poaching…well, now I sure use this technique quite often. Since my husband does not like salmon and I do, when poaching fish, I place in the same pan one salmon and one white fish filet, so we all eat what we enjoy. If you have never tried poaching fish I urge you to try…no fuss and no mess… [...]

Roasted Delicata Squash

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Have you ever seen a Delicata squash? They are so cute! I got mine Delicata squash at Trader Joe’s and as soon as I saw it I told my husband I need to try this…and boy, they are so good. This squashes are simple and easy to manage as compared to some other squash that are so hard to cut. I simply wash, cut add some olive oil and freshly grounded pepper and put them to roast on the small oven. They taste so sweet and creamy, almost melting in your mouth…the texture of this squash is indeed very delicate as its name…now that I know how this squash taste, I will make sure that grab them everytime I see [...]

Chicken with Broccoli and Bell Peppers

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This is a very simple and easy dish with chicken…and comes with lots of veggies, in this case broccoli and red bell peppers. You can always add more color by adding green peppers. It is delicious when served over rice. I love this dish because it is all in one…the protein and the greens. Ingredients: 2 chicken breasts, sliced 2 to 3 garlic cloves finely chopped ½ tablespoon soy sauce ½ tablespoon corn starch ½ tablespoon olive oil 1 large red bell pepper 4 to 5 cups broccoli florets 1 small onion, sliced into small wedges 2 tablespoons olive oil Salt and pepper to taste 3 tablespoons soy sauce ¼ cup water 2 teaspoons sugar 1 teaspoon freshly grated ginger [...]

Salt Brined Cod Fish

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In Brazil, where I grew up it is very common to find “bacalhau”, which is a salted dried cod fish. So in order to mimic the saltiness of bacalhau, which needs to be soaked in water in order to remove the salt before cooking, I decided to “play” with fresh cod fish. Why not brine cod? So I brined the cod and then use it like some of the dishes that I used to make back in Brazil…it turned out delicious, moist and very flavorful. The potatoes are tender and loaded of flavor. Ingredients: Approximately 1 lb cod fish 1 tablespoon rock salt 2 ½ to 3 cups of cold water 3 to 4 Roma tomatoes, sliced 1 large onion, [...]