White Bean Stew

In Brazil, like many Latin American countries, rice and bean (arroz e feijão) is a basic in almost every meal…Brazilians eat beans for lunch and dinner, and it is mainly served with rice. The […]

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Brazilian Egg Yolk Custard with Coconut (Quindim)

Quindim is a popular Brazilian baked dessert made from sugar, eggs and coconut. It is extremely sweet (in most cases) and very much addictive.

Since quindins (plural for quindim) are very ready available in […]

Bacon Chive Cheese Balls

This is another version of the Brazilian cheese balls or “pão de queijo”, and of course has an Asian twist since glutinous flour is added to the tapioca flour in order to give a […]

Salt Brined Cod Fish

In Brazil, where I grew up it is very common to find “bacalhau”, which is a salted dried cod fish. So in order to mimic the saltiness of bacalhau, which needs to be […]

Frango à Passarinho (Chicken with Garlic), a Guest Post for Chandani

I am sharing this recipe of “frango à passarinho” which is very popular in Brazil at Chandani’s site…

I have been following Chandani via her Travel Through Food for a while, so when she asked […]

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Corn Pudding (Curau de Milho)

This is a very simple dessert made with corn. In Brazil this kind of dessert is mainly served in the month of June in parties called “Festa Juninas”, which celebrates popular saints like Saint […]

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Mochi Cheese Balls (Asian Style)

I posted a while ago, the recipe for “pao de queijo” , which uses tapioca flour as a base for this cheese bread. After researching different versions of these savory cheese bread/balls, I decided […]