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Star and Flower Shaped Toasts

Do you like toasts? I mean the ones that are crispy and crunchy and are stored inside an airtight container. The kind which you can spread pate, brie cheese, jam and so on…they are […]

April 4th, 2016|Categories: Bread|Tags: , , , , , |21 Comments

Kind of Pull-Apart Green Onion and Cheese Bread

I was amazed by the shape of this bread when I saw it here and wanted to make something similar, but of course with a twist…an Asian twist. This bread is great for party…not […]

Chia Seed Dinner Rolls

Chia seeds have been in the new quite often lately…so what is about chia seeds that is bringing so much attention?
Studies have shown that chia seeds are excellent sources of omega-3 fatty acid. Yes, […]

October 13th, 2014|Categories: Bread|Tags: , , , |58 Comments

Kabocha Sandwich Bread

Have you heard of kabocha? Kabocha is an Asian variety of squash and known as Japanese pumpkin. It is sweeter than other varieties of squash. So by reading the title you can imagine what […]

May 5th, 2014|Categories: Bread|Tags: , , |68 Comments

Hot Cross Buns

This is my first time making hot cross buns…I used the same method that I have been using for a while…water roux…and added some orange zest to give a citrus kick…therefore these simple hot […]

April 14th, 2014|Categories: Bread|Tags: , , , , |56 Comments

Almond Paste Bread and Cheese Bread

Okay, here is where my first log of almond paste went…into a bread!

This is a very simple way to have two very different bread using one dough. The dough that I used in […]

March 10th, 2014|Categories: Bread|Tags: , , , , , |71 Comments

Ciabatta with Semolina

I love baking bread…not only the smell of the bread baking in the oven as well as watching the dough changing its form and texture as it rises. This is a very simple recipe […]

January 13th, 2014|Categories: Bread|Tags: , , |60 Comments