Crispy Air Fried Chicken

Can you believe that these chicken drumsticks were cooked in an air fryer?

I am so excited to share with you my latest gadget…an air fryer…after searching on the internet and “flirting” with many […]

March 20th, 2017|Categories: Poultry|Tags: , , , , |30 Comments

Baked Thai Chicken Drumstick

This is a very simple and easy recipe. I got a big package of organic drumsticks from Costco which comes in small package containing 6 drumsticks each, which e very convenient. After searching […]

April 18th, 2016|Categories: Asian, Poultry|Tags: , , , , , |26 Comments

Chicken and Sausage in Cast Iron Skillet

I hope you all had a great time during this holiday…and yes, I am starting the year with this tasty chicken dish, and yes the recipe is very simple…as you can imagine, chicken and […]

January 5th, 2015|Categories: Poultry|Tags: , , , |50 Comments

Crispy Buttermilk Chicken

When I saw this recipe that Beth posted on “Of Muses and Meringues” I thought to myself…I have to try it…and here I am…I only marinated for 2 hours, instead of 24 hours and […]

June 16th, 2014|Categories: Poultry|Tags: , , , |36 Comments

Chicken Egg Potato Salad in Wonton Cups

I hope you all had a great weekend…and for the ones that celebrated Easter I am sure that you have lots and lots of eggs. Here is very simple recipe to use up the […]

Chicken, Corn and Tofu Soup

I have been battling a very bad flu/cold for almost two weeks…after lots of soup and tea, I feel much better although still not totally recovered. So this week I am sharing a soup […]

February 3rd, 2014|Categories: Poultry, Soup|Tags: , , , , |60 Comments

Creamy Chicken Cheese Pocket and Happy Thanksgiving

My family Thanksgiving dinner is not very traditional, yes, we have turkey, yams, pumpkin pie, ham and all the other dishes that you normally see on a Thanksgiving meal, but we also have lots […]

November 25th, 2013|Categories: Poultry|Tags: , , , |56 Comments