Butter Lemon Swai, Sous Vide

Have you ever heard of “SWAI fish”? Swai fish is a catfish from Vietnam, which has a delicate texture and much milder taste than catfish which sometimes can have a “muddy” flavor.

Swai are […]

Sous Vide Miso Tilapia

This is my second experiment cooking sous vide, and this time I cooked tilapia. This is such a nice and easy way to cook fish. The filet turned moist, flaky and so tasty, […]

February 8th, 2016|Categories: Asian, Fish and Seafood, Sous Vide|Tags: , , , , |26 Comments

Miso Glazed Fish

I love miso, its saltiness with an added touch of sweet to it…it is just a nice symphony to your palate, creating umami flavor. Miso is very versatile and can be used in salad […]

July 28th, 2014|Categories: Asian, Fish and Seafood|Tags: , , , , |45 Comments

Sauté Shrimp and Fish…Guess Where We Were…

Okay, this is one of the dishes that I am almost embarrassed to share. It is so ridiculously easy and simple that it may insult you…but I could not leave behind because it is delicious […]

October 15th, 2012|Categories: Fish and Seafood|Tags: , , , , |38 Comments

Butter Lemon Trout

Today I want to share a very simple recipe for fish, I used steelhead trout for this recipe. This fish can make a wonderful weekday dinner, while the fish is in the oven just […]

August 1st, 2011|Categories: Fish and Seafood|Tags: , , |69 Comments

White Fish with Jalapeno Jelly

I hope you all had a great week as the weekend approaches 🙂

This is a simple recipe for fish…I like to use white fish, so in this recipe I used basa fish which belongs […]

December 3rd, 2010|Categories: Fish and Seafood|Tags: , |84 Comments

Steamed Tilapia with Fresh Shiitake Mushrooms

This is a very easy and simple recipe for tilapia. It is tasty and the fish comes out very tender and juicy…not to mention that it is very healthy.


2 filets of Tilapia
1 tablespoon […]