Ground beef

Pan-Fried Beef Bun

Have you ever tried these crispy juicy buns? They come packed with flavors and surprisingly juicy, almost soupy…

The ground beef that I used in this recipe was provided by ButcherBox. The company […]

Simple Chili

I have been so busy lately that I had no time to make my usual “weekly” visit to you…I am sorry…I will try to stop by and see what is new with you…

This week, […]

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Ground Beef with Soft Polenta

I hope you all had a great weekend, either celebrating Easter, Passover or just an enjoyable weekend…

I love to make this dish…it is simple and so delicious. Not to mention so comforting…
This time […]

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Bell Pepper Stuffed wtih Quinoa

I have been trying to cook more with quinoa, so I decided to substitute the grain in the stuffed bell peppers with quinoa. I usually use cracked wheat or rice. The way […]


Growing up in Brazil, we were so exposed to Middle Eastern food and Esfiha was something that you could literally find in almost every corner.


¾ cup of water
2 cups bread flour
1½ tablespoon sugar
1½ tablespoon […]

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Fusilli with Meat Sauce

I love fusilli, maybe because of its shape, “traps” better and more sauce. I am sorry if you do not have Trader Joe’s nearby…because some of the ingredients is from Trader Joe’s, but […]

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Quibe (Portuguese) or Kibbeh

We grew up exposed to a lot of Middle Eastern food. We could buy them everywhere back in Sao Paulo, Brazil. This recipe is a “simpler” version of quibe or kibbeh since it […]

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