Pork with Dry Pressed Tofu and Green Beans

This is a simple and easy dish, it is delicious especially paired with white rice…no need to mention that it makes a great lunch next day. Every time I make this dish, I end up […]

November 12th, 2012|Categories: Meat|Tags: , , , , , |38 Comments

Pork Chop with Cranberry Rice

This is a very easy and simple recipe to prepare pork chop. I usually grill the chops, but this time I decided to bake first and then pan fry. I served the pork chops […]

May 3rd, 2010|Categories: Meat|Tags: , , |55 Comments

Pork Ribs in Brown Sauce

This a very popular dish in the Taiwanese community…my mom used to make this very often and we all loved it. It is very tasty and is just a great complement with a […]

January 18th, 2010|Categories: Meat|Tags: , , |64 Comments

Half and Half Meat Sauce

I don’t know why I came up with this name…maybe because I used half ground beef and half ground pork…not very creative I must say…
Like many recipes of meatballs that I’ve seen, ground beef […]

November 16th, 2009|Categories: Pasta and Grain|Tags: , , |40 Comments