Hungarian Stuffed Peppers


This is a very simple and easy recipe of Hungarian stuffed red peppers with a mixture of ground pork, beef and rice spiked with lots of paprika. This is a very popular dish and I loved it when I was traveling throughout Hungary. We just came back from a 2 week vacation in Europe which started in Prague and ended in Budapest with a river cruise in between the two cities. It was wonderful… we met lots of interesting, fun and knowledgeable people. We ate all the traditional food of the area and visited all the places that tourists go (of course). When in Budapest we had a chance to eat at the Fanakal restaurant located at the Central Market.  [...]

Zucchini Noodles with Sausage Sauce

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Have you ever tried making meat sauce with sausage meat? If the answer is no…you must give this a try… This is a simple version of meat sauce…I just peeled the “skin” from the fresh Italian sausage and use as a “ground” meat.  The advantage is that the fresh Italian sausage is packed with flavors, therefore you will end up with a very tasty meat sauce.  Make sure to caramelized the garlic, onion and the meat…you will be amazed of the deep enhanced flavors. Ingredients: 1lb fresh Italian sausage 3 cloves garlic, minced 1 small red onion, finely chopped 8oz cremini mushroom, sliced 1 jar marinara sauce, 25oz Salt and ground pepper to taste Olive oil, if needed 3 [...]

Sous Vide Flank Steak and Chicken Breast with Moore’s Marinades and Sauces

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This is a very simple and easy way to make tasty steak or chicken using sous vide. In this post I am sharing with you sous vide steak and chicken made with Moore’s marinades and sauces that I received as a compliment.  I got to use the Original Marinade for the steak and the Zesty Garden Herb Marinade for the chicken.  They both turned out very tasty...and really easy, especially when you do not have time to gather all the spices for the marinade or sauces, using the pre made bottles of marinades just come very handy and practical. I find that most of the sauces are too salty for my taste, therefore I used about ½ to ⅔ from [...]

Pan-Fried Beef Buns with Chive

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Have you ever tried these crispy juicy buns? They come packed with flavors and surprisingly soupy… The ground beef that I used in this recipe was provided by ButcherBox. The company offered me to try their products, therefore I received a generous box containing a variety of beef and chicken products and a package of uncured hickory smoked bacon.  Before I continue, I just want to clarify that I did not receive any compensation for this post and all the content and opinion in this post are solely mine. The box came to my door in dry ice and went straight to my freezer. The packages are very convenient as they are packed in small portion under vacuum.  If you [...]

Flank Steak, Sous-Vide

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Looking for a perfect steak? Have you ever heard of Sous Vide? Using sous vide method you will able to cook a perfect steak. With all the health concern of eating too much red meat, once in a while I crave for it…yes, a juicy and flavorful piece of meat. I am trying, and yes…trying to cut red meat, but growing up in Brazil and meat being one of the staple food there it is hard to break the habit. I know, it is not an excuse since I been here for so long. So if I am eating meat, better be good, really good, this way I feel less remorse… I found that using sous-vide method, one can never [...]

Pearl Meatballs

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These is a simple recipe for meatballs covered with a layer of glutinous rice. The combination of texture is just magical... Have you ever missed food that you used to eat when little? When living in Brazil my mom used to make these meatballs covered with a layer of glutinous rice, aka sticky rice. Since I am a big fan of anything “glutinous” it is not surprise that this would be one of my favorite dishes. Now, don’t ask me why pearl, as from my understanding pearl should be smooth and elegant and the look of this so called “pearl meatballs” do not resemble in any way or shape (maybe the shape being round) of a pearl…to me personally they [...]

Lamb Chops with Fresh Herbs, Sous Vide

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Sous vide is easiest way to cook lamb chop to perfection. These lamb chops are packed with lovely fresh herbs flavors. If you care for a perfectly cooked lamb chops you have to try this recipe…it is so simple…just gather fresh herbs, salt, pepper and here you have a tender, tasty and juicy lamb chops on the table. Last year I had planted lots of vegetables on the roof top and balcony, this year I decided to go with herbs, all kind of them…it is so nice when cooking and when in need get a pair of scissors and choose the best herbs from your garden to match your dish. This recipe uses the sous vide cylinder, so the temperature [...]

Esfiha – Baked Meat Pie

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This is a very popular snack found in Brazil, it is mainly another version of our "hamburger" the ground meat baked wrapped in a bread dough. Sorry for being away…this couple of weeks so much has happened in my life…one of my very good friends has stopped all the treatments for cancer, therefore she is under palliative and hospice care, with the support of my husband I flew with her out of state to help and spend some time with her along with her family. During the time I was with her, we talked and talked, we laughed and cried, we remembered facts in the past, places we went together, we teased each other…and we comforted each other…it was so [...]

Beef, Celery and Carrot Stir-Fry

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This is a very simple and healthy Asian inspired beef stir fry with just a few ingredients...celery and carrot. Great served with a bowl of rice This is another Asian inspired simple recipe which involves just a handful of ingredients…and I bet you that you have them all in your kitchen. This stir-fry beef is delicious served over a steamy bowl of rice and great for next day lunch or dinner, therefore don’t be reluctant to make it even by doubling the recipe. In one bite you will have the combination of flavorful beef with the slightly crunchy celery and carrot…so good! Ingredients: ½ lb finely sliced beef, I used shabu shabu boneless ribeye 2 or 3 garlic cloves, finely [...]

Simple Beef Stew


Simple and easy recipe for beef stew, loaded with lots of flavors, great server over noodles, rice or plain bread. This week I am sharing with you a very simple beef stew, please do not get intimidated with the list of ingredients…nothing like a big pot of this stew accompanied by rice or pasta…so good. This hearty simple beef stew will warm your body and soul in this cold and windy weather…yes, it has been so windy here lately. This is pretty similar to the classic beef bourguignon. Oh! Make this beef stew goes very well with a piece of good bread…so you can dip the bread into the rich and flavorful sauce…yum! Ingredients: 1½ lb beef for stew in [...]