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Sous Vide Flank Steak and Chicken Breast with Moore’s Marinades and Sauces

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This is a very simple and easy way to make tasty steak or chicken using sous vide. In this post I am sharing with you sous vide steak and chicken made with Moore’s marinades and sauces that I received as a compliment.  I got to use the Original Marinade for the steak and the Zesty Garden Herb Marinade for the chicken.  They both turned out very tasty...and really easy, especially when you do not have time to gather all the spices for the marinade or sauces, using the pre made bottles of marinades just come very handy and practical. I find that most of the sauces are too salty for my taste, therefore I used about ½ to ⅔ from [...]

Trader Joe’s Gnocchi with Sous Vide Chicken

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Have you ever tried Trader Joe’s gnocchi? Well, if you like gnocchi you should give it a try…I must confess it was better than I expected. As a matter of fact, this is my second time cooking it and this time I dressed it with peas, roasted sugar tomatoes and sous vide chicken. This is particular great especially if you are pressed for time (like now getting ready for the holidays…), in a short time you are ready for an almost “gourmet” dinner, considering that you have in your refrigerator roasted sugar tomatoes and in the freezer green peas, sous vide chicken and a bag of Trader Joe’s gnocchi. Don’t panic if you do not have the ingredients listed…you can [...]

Flank Steak, Sous-Vide

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Looking for a perfect steak? Have you ever heard of Sous Vide? Using sous vide method you will able to cook a perfect steak. With all the health concern of eating too much red meat, once in a while I crave for it…yes, a juicy and flavorful piece of meat. I am trying, and yes…trying to cut red meat, but growing up in Brazil and meat being one of the staple food there it is hard to break the habit. I know, it is not an excuse since I been here for so long. So if I am eating meat, better be good, really good, this way I feel less remorse… I found that using sous-vide method, one can never [...]

Lamb Chops with Fresh Herbs, Sous Vide

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Sous vide is easiest way to cook lamb chop to perfection. These lamb chops are packed with lovely fresh herbs flavors. If you care for a perfectly cooked lamb chops you have to try this recipe…it is so simple…just gather fresh herbs, salt, pepper and here you have a tender, tasty and juicy lamb chops on the table. Last year I had planted lots of vegetables on the roof top and balcony, this year I decided to go with herbs, all kind of them…it is so nice when cooking and when in need get a pair of scissors and choose the best herbs from your garden to match your dish. This recipe uses the sous vide cylinder, so the temperature [...]

Lemon Thyme Chicken, Sous-Vide

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Healthy chicken breast cooked to perfection...tender, moist and packed with flavor. How? Cooking using sous vide method. Yes, I am still playing with the sous vide method…so far this method has not disappointed me… This week, I am sharing with you a very simple recipe for a juicy, flavorful chicken breast. The good thing about this method is that you never overcook, even if you leave the chicken breasts in the water-bath longer than the set time. As your chicken is cooking (sous-vide) you have all the time to do whatever you need to do and not to worry that the chicken breasts will be over cooked, therefore, dry and rubbery. The sous vide cylinder, that I use is from [...]

Butter Lemon Swai, Sous Vide

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Looking for a perfect cooked fish? This lemon butter swai is cooked to perfection using sous vide method. The fish is moist and tender, loaded with flavors. Have you ever heard of “SWAI fish”? Swai fish is a catfish from Vietnam, which has a delicate texture and much milder taste than catfish which sometimes can have a “muddy” flavor. Swai are moist, soft, flaky, and delicate and its flesh turns from lightly beige to whitish color once cooked. I have baked, steamed and now sous vide. You mainly can cook it anyway you like, because of its delicate texture grilling might be a bit challenging, as the fish might fall apart easily. Apparently there was a “catfish wars” between US [...]

Sous Vide Steak

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Have you ever used sous vide cooking method? Well, this is my first attempt and I am loving it...the steak came out perfect! No fuss and no mess...I already can tell you that sous vide cooking will be on my list of favorite gadgets. Well, after considering carefully all the aspects of sous vide cooking I finally decided to try. What I mean by considering is the fact that sous vide method uses cooking in a water bath under vacuum in an accurate regulated temperature, and in order to cook under vacuum the food has to be in contact with plastic, which I am very skeptical about it…after reading a lot about the sous vide method I could not resist [...]