With only two ingredients you can create this simple recipe for an appetizer. The combination of the salty blue cheese with the sweetness of fresh fig is just amazing.

I am back from a week vacation…I really needed a break from work…the last few months I have been overwhelmed with the new clinical trial that we just launched…now that the study started I think I will have more time…

Going back to the “vacation”, we took a cruise to Alaska…it was phenomenal! Although I am not into cruises, we just thought that this would be an easier way to see Alaska. I have some pictures at the end of the post…now back to today’s recipe, if you can call this a recipe hehehe!

Fresh figs…we used to eat fresh figs so often when living in Brazil…fig were easily found in “feira” which is a kind of farmer’s market, would be in a brown paper box containing approximately 8 in each box. Fig was so frequently consumed that I personally did take for granted until moving to US and it was nowhere to be found, at least the fresh ones…which are super delicate and perishable. I would cut open in half and spoon the fresh out…yum! By the way, we did not eat the skin back then…another concern when I learned that fig skin was consumed here…well, I guess it would be okay if you know that no pesticide were used…anyway, to make the long story short, I started to eat the skin as well.

I got these figs from a coworker, and yes I treated them almost the way I would treat a treasure…they were so sweet and I could just eat them all in one seating…but I was able to spare a few of them and roast with blue cheese…the saltiness of the blue cheese combined with the caramelized fig was just a big party in terms of flavor…not to mention that it is so simple…two ingredients!

If you happen to have figs, please give this recipe a try, you will not regret, especially if you like blue cheese.


  • Figs
  • Blue Cheese


Wash the figs very gently and pat them dry.

Cut the top of the stem and make a cross incision from the same cut. Cut approximately ¾ of the way to the bottom.

Place the fig in an oven safe dish and fill about ½ teaspoon of blue cheese in the incision.

Place the figs in a preheated oven of approximately 400F for about 7 to 10 minutes.

Serve warm.

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Did you know that figs are good source of dietary fiber? Moreover, due to its high levels of potassium it has been demonstrated that eating fruit and vegetables rich in potassium might lower blood pressure.

Some shots from our Alaska trip…

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