By placing the green onion leftover with roots on water, you will be able to regrow new ones in just a few days…

Before I share this week post which has no recipe I just want to let you know that I will be of off for a couple of weeks, and will not be able to make my weekly visit to your blog, but will definitely catch up once I am back…in the meantime I will leave you with this simple way to regrow green onion or scallion.

Don’t you like the idea of having fresh cut of green onion every time you need it? Well, it is very simple…just cut about an inch from the bulbs leaving the roots. Trim the roots to about ½ inch or so and place the bulbs with the roots down in a small jar. Add enough water to cover the roots and place the jar on a windowsill. Make sure that the roots are always covered with water. After a few days you will start to see the green getting longer and longer.  When needed in you cooking, cut the green around the same place you started with and keep the remaining in the water. Once in a while through it growth, I like to remove all the water rinse and replace it with fresh water. If the roots get too long and kind of out of control, trim again by leaving approximately ½ in.

I have done this many times, and noticed that the green onion can just regrow a few times, which then the leaves start to get thinner and thinner, making all the effort almost worthless.  That is when I buy new ones and start the process again.  In spite of having to buy new ones after a while I must confess that I much prefer to grow in them in water then in soil.

I hope you enjoy this simple way to keep fresh green onion always available for your use.

Did you know that green onion or scallion contain large amounts of vitamin K? In spite of being from the allium family they do not have large bulbs like the onion and garlic but carry green leaves and considerably small bulbs.

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