Simple Homemade Yogurt

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This is such a simple recipe for homemade creamy yogurt. The yogurt is made using non-fat milk and inoculated with previous batch of homemade yogurt…confused?  Continue reading and you will find out how… We always have yogurt in the morning and the amazing thing is that I do not even remember when the last time I bought yogurt was.  I make my own yogurt from organic non-fat milk using the yogurt that I made previously…so it is a continuous production of yogurt by taking approximately 2 tablespoons or so from the jar that it is in used. The recipe is very versatile, you can use 1% fat, 2% fat, or whole milk. The more fat content in the milk the [...]

Yeast-Raised Waffle

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These light and crispy waffles are made with yeast. It is true that the recipe requires extra steps but it is so worth the effort, I hope you get to try it! Have you ever made waffle using yeast? If not, you must give this a try…the texture of these waffles are very different from the ones that use baking powder. They are somehow lighter and crispy. It is hard to describe, once you try it you will know what I am trying to say… You can server these waffles like the other ones, I choose to drizzle with condensed milk instead of syrup and garnish with fresh raspberries, but fell free to color it the way you like. This [...]

Chocolate Layered Buns

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This is a super fun recipe for Asian inspired chocolate layered buns. Don't be intimidated by the number of steps. The buns are soft and fluffy with many layers of chocolate in between the dough... These buns are fun to make…it seems more complicated than actually it is…I mainly used basic bread recipe with tangzhong and layered with a chocolate paste. You can roll, twist, layer…in another words play with the dough. I made two kinds of buns/rolls with the same “materials”. The bread dough was done by the help of a mixer, and the chocolate paste was inspired from the recipe at Cookpad. I better stop “talking” here, because this post is pretty long and is loaded with pictures…I hope [...]

French Toast with Blueberries

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This is a pretty classic and traditional recipe for French what's special? Well, I used the yolk custard bread...which is soft, fluffy and rich. Great for breakfast or brunch! When living in Brazil, we would use a kind of bread similar to baguette to make “rabanada”, and I got very intrigued after moving to US and discovered the similarity between “rabanada” and French toast, mainly because the shape was totally different, round versus square. Moreover, we would dust the “rabanada” with cinnamon and sugar and it was mostly served during Christmastime for breakfast. I do not make often French toast, after being in a baking frenzy mood lately I decided to use the Egg Yolk Custard Bread to make [...]

Egg Yolk Custard Bread/Buns

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This is an Asian inspired recipe for a very rich and yet soft and fluffy bread  similar to egg bread. The recipe uses egg yolk as a tangzhong, therefore the bread stays fresh and cottony for many days. After I baked the pavlova, I saw myself with 4 egg yolks…and question were raised…what to do with all these egg yolks before they go bad? I just felt so bad discarding them…and voila…baking bread! After searching for the internet I found this site and decided to adapt the recipe. The recipe is pretty simple and straight forward. I baked and baked, I made two loaves and many buns. I even took to work and share it in the lab, luckily all my friends [...]

Oatmeal with Quinoa

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This is a very healthy recipe for steel cut oatmeal loaded with all kind of grains such as quinoa, flaxseed, hemp seed, chia seed, millet... It is so nice to start the day with this hearty warm bowl of cereal. This is my almost everyday breakfast…it is very versatile in regards to what I can add on the oatmeal in the morning. Not only that, I get a mix of various grain in one bowl. My husband likes with dry fruits, nuts and cinnamon. I sometimes beside the “conventional” toppings I even have with “Chinese” preserved stuff, food that you normally see when having breakfast in Taiwan. Since steel cut oatmeal takes almost ”forever” to cook, I prepared the night [...]

Sunny Portabella Mushrooms

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Is it Portobello or Portabella mushrooms? On my package was written Portabella, therefore I am calling this huge earthy mushrooms Portabella…the funny thing is that is Portuguese, the term “bello” is for male and “bella” for female…but I guess mushrooms do not have gender… I am sure that you have seen many of this recipe…but it is the first time that I made this…baked eggs in the portabella mushroom caps. I got the mushrooms from Costco therefore made it twice. My husband loved it! It is a real simple recipe…does not require any pan or stirring, and you serve right off the oven with a side of green salad…so healthy and tasty. Oh! Before heading to the recipe, the new [...]



I must admit that I do not watch my diet, I always believed that moderation is the key therefore if I crave for something I will go for it…in moderation. With that said, every time that I plan to bake brioche I get turned off once I see the amount butter that is required…well, I could not resist and eventually went ahead with the plan to make brioche. I can tell you that when the butter was added to the dough and struggling to get incorporated in the dough, I was like “OMG, this is insane! But when the loaf of brioche came out of the oven the alarming image of the butter trying to be incorporated to the dough [...]

Chinese Steamed Buns

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Hello! I am back and I hope you all had a great weekend…we went to Beijing for vacation. Being that this was my first time in China, I must tell you, it was amazing…I will, in the future, share some of the pictures that we took. Being in China and exposed to all the Chinese food, all of a sudden I asked myself “how come I have not made Chinese steamed bread/bun?” Well, most of the time I would buy them frozen at the local Asian grocery store, either plain or filled with savory meat/vegetarian or the sweet version. Very different from when I used to live in Brazil.  Because the Asian goods were not ready available, we had to [...]

Baked Eggs

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This is the kind of breakfast that we have once in a while over the weekend. Well, not completely true since we have fresh fruit/veggie juice every day. The treat here is the baked eggs. Actually the baked eggs are very simple to make, and great paired with a toast. You can always add spinach, tomatoes, ham, peppers…anything that you would add into an omelette, therefore very versatile. For the juice, just combine any fruit/veggie and juice it! I have apple, beet, cucumber, carrot, tomato and celery in this particular juice. Baked eggs Ingredients: 2 eggs 1 tablespoon butter 1 tablespoon toasted bacon (in pieces) Mozzarella cheese to taste Salt and pepper to taste ½ teaspoon dry parsley Extra butter [...]