Persian Eggplant Dip

2018-07-11T17:10:10+00:00Appetizer, Vegetarian|

This is a very healthy and tasty dip made with roasted eggplants.  The recipe is simple and the trick to its delightful taste is the caramelized onion and golden garlic together with a hint mint…all together in a smoky, creamy and silky eggplant.   Since I had the eggplant dip (Kashke Badmjan) at a local Persian restaurant I wanted so bad to make it at home…when I noticed these huge, really huge eggplants at Trader Joe’s I saw the opportunity to try and I end up bringing home two of this gigantic eggplants. Eggplants are healthy in spite of a large amount of water. Eggplants contain dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals. After searching the internet for inspiration, I end up [...]

Corn Pudding (Curau de Milho)

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This is a very simple dessert made with corn. In Brazil this kind of dessert is mainly served in the month of June in parties called “Festa Juninas”, which celebrates popular saints like Saint John, Peter and so on. These celebrations are also important in North Europe country, such as Denmark, Finland, Sweden and in some extent in Ireland, Britain, France, Italy, Portugal, Spain. Since it is corn season…here we are! Ingredients: 4 ear of corn 1 ½ cup milk 4 tablespoon sugar ½ tablespoon butter Ground cinnamon Method: Remove the kernel of the corn. Place ½ of the kernels in the blender with half of the milk and blend for approximately 3 minutes. Strain the corn mixture in a [...]