Growing Green Onion In Water

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By placing the green onion leftover with roots on water, you will be able to regrow new ones in just a few days… Before I share this week post which has no recipe I just want to let you know that I will be of off for a couple of weeks, and will not be able to make my weekly visit to your blog, but will definitely catch up once I am back…in the meantime I will leave you with this simple way to regrow green onion or scallion. Don’t you like the idea of having fresh cut of green onion every time you need it? Well, it is very simple…just cut about an inch from the bulbs leaving the roots. [...]

Balsamic Vinegar “Caviar”

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Your family will be impressed with these little droplets of balsamic vinegar resembling caviar… This is another fun experiment to make in your kitchen with agar-agar…and I can assure you that the whole process is easy and entertaining as I have used similar method to make Honey Caviar which you can find here. You just need to make sure that you have all the “apparatus” and you are ready to go. These little ”caviar” can be kept in the refrigerator for a while since they a mainly made with vinegar. This recipe was mostly based on this one. I have used these “caviar” in all kind of salad and even with strawberries… Ingredients: Caviar 100g balsamic vinegar 1.5g agar-agar, depending of the [...]

Raindrop Cake

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How can a dessert made of almost 99.8% of water be so trendy? The answer…it is all in its texture… When I first saw these raindrop cake (which in my opinion it is not a cake per say, cake in my view should contain flour or its substitutes) I was fascinated by its shape and the notion of its pureness…upon reading the ingredients, I immediately could imagine its textures as I had worked with agar-agar, both in the kitchen and in the lab. The trick is to have the right ratio of water and agar-agar to achieve a very soft almost running gel. A little extra of agar-agar the “cake” will turn into a flavorless jelly, a little “too little” and the [...]

Thai Red Rubies in Pandan Coconut Milk

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It is Valentine’s Day…these rubies are not to wear, but are packed with great textures, from crunchy to chewy… Have you ever tried these Thai red “rubies”? The first time I had these “gems” was in an Asian specialty drink store…and I just felt in love with it…they are actually small pieces of water chestnuts colored in red and coated with tapioca flour…resulting in crunchy and chewy texture…I know it is hard to imagine that these little gems carry so many textures. Another great combination is pandan with coconut milk…pandan is very popular in Southeast Asia, often used in desserts and aromatized rice dishes. If you are not familiar with pandan, you should try, as pandan leaves have a very [...]

Star and Flower Shaped Toasts


This is a simple and fun way to make toast. It is cute and it will bring smiles. Do you like toasts? I mean the ones that are crispy and crunchy and are stored inside an airtight container. The kind which you can spread pate, brie cheese, jam and so on…they are so basic and are delicious with either sweet or savory spreads…and all kind of cheese as well. They make great appetizer as well and are usually sold as “mini toasts”. I love to have these toasts available all the time so when I saw these molds on Amazon I could not resist in getting it…so this week I am sharing the dough that I used for these molds. Moreover, you [...]

Red and Blue Bubbles

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Before you ask…yes, this is another molecular gastronomy recipe. The technique  I used is called “reverse spherification”, and was based on Surprise Bubbles. The fascinating thing is that  this technique is so simple that these colored bubbles were mainly made by my niece and nephew, 14 and 11 years old… They had so much fun making and then eating these popping bubbles filled with grape juice…more specifically white grape juice. Initially we started with the non-color ones (original color of the white grape juice). Since it was kind of hard to see and manipulate the translucent bubbles, we decided to color them by adding a few drops of food coloring into the alginate solution. Erica chose red and Nick blue…and off we [...]

Frozen Edible Flowers

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I have been growing violas since last year, they are very easy to grow and fun to use in the kitchen. They have a pleasant pea flavor and are great to use for decorating desserts or toss into a green salad. I started with seeds…it was very easy and I was very happy when I noticed the little leaves coming from the soil… after a while there were so many flowers…more than I asked for, and I felt bad just tossing them out. So I froze the little flowers in the ice cube tray. Once the flowers were frozen, I removed from the tray and stored in an airtight contained in the freezer for future use. This ice cubes can [...]

Jelly Shots

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I have been under some stress lately and really was not in the mood for baking…but did want to do something easy and cute for Valentine’s Day. Besides we were having a family gathering to celebrate the Chinese New Year at my mom’s. I ended up making cheese balls and these jelly shots. I got the idea from Basic Jello Shots Recipe. Honestly, this is the first time that I tasted jelly shots…after a while testing the optimal ratio concentration of vodka and juice I almost forgot about my distress…but please, do not add any vodka if you plan to serve this jelly to kids…I made two batches, one for the adult taste and the other one for the kids. The [...]