Simple Homemade Yogurt

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This is such a simple recipe for homemade creamy yogurt. The yogurt is made using non-fat milk and inoculated with previous batch of homemade yogurt…confused?  Continue reading and you will find out how… We always have yogurt in the morning and the amazing thing is that I do not even remember when the last time I bought yogurt was.  I make my own yogurt from organic non-fat milk using the yogurt that I made previously…so it is a continuous production of yogurt by taking approximately 2 tablespoons or so from the jar that it is in used. The recipe is very versatile, you can use 1% fat, 2% fat, or whole milk. The more fat content in the milk the [...]

No-Knead Bread Two Ways…Stretch and Fold

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This is a very simple way to make using simply stretch and fold. The bread is light and loaded with air pockets. I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving…the recipe that I am sharing today is very simple to put together, and come handy especially during holiday season as everyone is busy shopping and cooking…this bread can be stored in the freezer and ready to serve in a blink. Before I start, have you ever heard of “stretch and fold” technique method of bread dough? Well, this is a very simple technique where you literally stretch and then fold the dough. This is a super easy and simple method to accomplish great results. So, instead of the traditional [...]

Basic Sweet Bread Dough (Water Roux or Tangzhong Method)

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This is an Asian inspired recipe for a soft, cottony and fluffy bread.  The dough is very rich because of the heavy whipping cream in it.  It is great as a loaf or as a base for all kind of rolls and bread. First of all, I want to apologize for the long time away from blogging…I hope you are all well and did not give up on me…I was literally very busy in the past months and after things got under control we went for a short vacation…now I am back and hope to pick up where I left…as you might know I love bread and since I started blogging, baking bread has been one of my many passions… [...]