Sourdough No-Knead Bread

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Nothing is more comforting than home baked sourdough bread, crispy and slightly chewy… Before I start, I must admit that I almost gave up on the sourdough starter, not to mention the frustration and the defeat feeling and on top of it I really felt insulted since I had so much training in microbiology laboratory.  Well, determination won the case…and I finally cultivated a few jars of very healthy sourdough starter.  Therefore with all my “manipulations” and add a bit here, take a bit there, I am not sharing a recipe for the starter…as you can easily search on the internet and look for a recipe that best suit you. What I am sharing with you is the wonderful bread [...]

No-Knead French Baguette

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Who does not like freshly baked French baguette! Especially that it is so needed for this recipe... A friend of mine turned me onto this recipe, which was adapted from Food Wishes. No need to mention that I have made this bread many times and even once baked to take to work upon request, I kind of felt so embarrassed because this recipe is literally very simple. What can be easier than a no-knead bread? Oh! I got many request to share the recipe…so here it is… Okay, let me take back…the only time consuming is when you place the baguettes in the oven as they need to be misted with water every 5 minutes…other than that, it is no [...]

Five Minutes Flatbread with Green Onion

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This is a basic recipe for no-knead flatbread. It is very versatile as you can fill the dough with cheese, roll it will green onion, or just plain. This recipe is based on the book Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day by Jeff Hertzberg and Zoë François, which I got a while ago and have been using its recipes here and there. I made bread, rolls and even flatbreads…the basic recipe is very simple and easy to follow. Of course being “me” I am never content in just following recipes, I always have to come up with something new…so I decided to make flatbreads with the dough…the variation are limitless, with garlic and parsley, ground pepper and parmesan, ham [...]