Apple Mint Salad

2018-06-27T15:03:11+00:00Side Dish, Vegetarian|

This is a very simple, refreshing salad made mainly with apple, fresh squeezed orange juice and fresh mint. This salad is a great side dish for any occasion, especially with grilled meat or poultry…the refreshing and crisp apples with a hint of mint is very invigorating with fatty meal, giving the meal a nice balance. I learned this recipe with my little sister when she brought a large bowl of this apple salad and we all loved it…I could not believe that such a simple recipe with only a few ingredients could be so good. The combination of the crispy apples with orange and a hint of mint is so pleasant for the palate. I meant to share this recipe [...]

Cotton Soft Cheesecake

2018-06-18T11:06:41+00:00Asian Inspired Recipe, Dessert/Sweet|

This is a recipe for a very light cheesecake, it is inspired by Japanese cuisine. The cheesecake is literally a cake, there is no crust like the conventional cheesecake. The cake is served with a layer of orange glaze.   I have made this kind of cottony cheesecake before, this time I decided to make it small, really small…and topped with orange glaze. If you have not had a chance to try this cheesecake, I urge you to give this try…it is very different from the “classic” cheesecake…the texture of this cheesecake is very light, so light that almost melt in your mouth…there is no crust, therefore is it a “cake”. This recipe was adapted from Table for 2…I mainly [...]

Orange Cupcake with Mascarpone Frosting


This is a very easy and simple cupcake recipe…the cake is very light and moist since yogurt and the egg whites in the form of soft peak were added to the batter. Both frosting and the cake contain orange rind, which give the cupcakes a very citrus flavor. The cupcakes can be baked ahead, and frozen. On the day that you want to serve them, make the frosting while the cupcakes are defrosting, top them and they are ready to be serve Cake Batter Ingredients: ¼ cup orange juice 1 cup fat free natural yogurt 1 tablespoon orange rind, grated 2 cup all-purpose flour 1 teaspoon baking powder ½ cup or ¼ lb butter 3 eggs, separated ½ teaspoon vanilla [...]