Water Roux

Oatmeal Molasses Sandwich Bread

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This is a very soft, fluffy and lightly sweet oatmeal molasses sandwich bread which uses water roux or tangzhong method, therefore the bread stays fresh for many many days… I always wanted to try using molasses in my baking, but somehow never got into it until I bumped into a bottle of molasses when looking for something else in the market isle. No surprise that bread was the first item that came to my mind…so here it is another adaptation of the bread recipes that I usually use, tangzhong method. Tangzhong is a roux made with water and flour and it is added to the rest of the ingredients. The pre-cooked roux adds a sort of gelatinization to the bread, [...]

Dark Rye and Flaxseed Sandwich Bread

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Don’t you love when you have a bite of bread and you cannot tell that it is a “healthy version” of it? Well, I found the perfect combination of dark rye and flaxseed meal in this recipe. If it was not for the color and the little flaxseed meal specks you would not say that this sandwich bread contains “healthy ingredients”, in another words, if you close your eyes and eat the bread you would definitely say that it is “white” bread… Because we like so much bread, I am constantly testing different ratios between white flour and “so-called” healthy flours therefore feel less guilt when gobbling through a loaf of bread…the big challenge is for the bread to looks [...]

Black Sesame Swirl Pumpkin Bread

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This is a fun bread to bake using tangzhong method. It is so tasty with swirls of sesame paste in a pumpkin dough...and stay fresh and soft for days. This is a fun recipe to make, especially that is Halloween…the combination of the sweet sesame swirl in between the soft, cottony pumpkin bread is just divine. Initially, people find a little skeptical because of the “black” swirl in the bread…no it is not mold… The combination of the colors as well as the rolling and folding makes this recipe a fun process from the beginning to the end. But, don’t let me dictate how you should roll and fold…go ahead and handle the dough and the sesame filling however you [...]

Matcha Swirl Sandwich Bread

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This is a fun sandwich bread where layers of matcha dough can be found in each slice of bread. Tangzhong method is used in this recipe to accomplish a soft and cottony texture. Somehow I am in the mood of rolling and twisting…and this bread is a perfect example. I made two loaves with this recipe, a matcha swirl and a black sesame swirl, but I only have the details for the matcha swirl sandwich bread. Honestly the matcha pattern is a lot of fun and in reality is much simpler that it looks. You can roll and twist anyway you want, and I can guarantee you that no slice will look the same. Lately, matcha has been added into [...]

Rye Sandwich Bread with Gluten

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This is an Asian inspired sandwich bread made with rye and a bit of gluten. Because I use tangzhong or water roux in the dough, the bread stay soft and cottony for days. First of all, I hope you all had a great Memorial Day weekend and had a chance to take a moment to remember all the people that fought for our freedom… This week I am sharing a recipe that is adapted from the one that I posted here. I decide to add some gluten to make the dough a bit pliable, for the horror of the gluten free dieters. Sorry it is nothing personal, since we do not have any problem with gluten I decided to “abuse” a [...]

Rye Sandwich Bread

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Simple recipe for Asian inspired rye sandwich bread using tangzhong or water roux method. The bread is cottony and fluffy and stays soft for days. We love bread, and I love baking bread…and yes, I know that too much bread is not good, especially the ones that uses only white flour, therefore I try to balance them by using “healthy” flours in my bread baking trek. Honestly, I still like my white bread the best…you know what I mean…the ones that use only white flour…I know…somehow I still have to find a recipe that uses “healthier” flour and gives me the same texture of a white bread… This recipe is pretty good, I incorporated rye flour into the dough. Because [...]

Pumpkin Cheese Pull-Apart Bread

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This is an Asian inspired recipe for soft, light and cottony savory pumpkin bread with cheese in between. It is fun to just pull-apart and savor it. Pumpkin and cheese? Why not? As always I love baking bread, and most of the time (not always) I feel guilty using regular wheat flour…somehow I not a big fan of whole wheat, and I am always trying to find a healthier” version for bread…now I found a solution for it…pumpkin pure… Pumpkin pure can be easily added to the bread dough without any fuss…and if I do not emphasize it, you might not even notice the presence of the pumpkin…well, that might not be true…because of the vibrant yellow…which gives a nice [...]

Apple Filled Little Buns

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Today I am sharing you a recipe for an Asian inspired bun recipe. These buns are filled with tangy soft apple. Because tangzhong or water roux method was used in this recipe, the little buns stay fresh and soft for days. Yes, here I am with another simple recipe for bread…this time I decided to make a lighter version of bread dough as compared to the sweet dough. In spite of no heavy cream and less fat, this bread still turned out to be very light and fluffy… With this one recipe I made two kind of bread, my usual Pullman sandwich loaf and buns filled with freshly cooked apple filling…yes, the buns turned out so good…light bread dough with sweet [...]

Pumpkin Chia Seed Sandwich Bread

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This is an Asian inspired recipe for pumpkin sandwich bread loaded with chia seed. This bread is great for sandwich, French toast or simply toast. Yes, I had made numerous variation of bread and rolls using chia seeds and the same with pumpkin, but this is the first one where I mixed pumpkin and chia seeds all in one dough…the pumpkin give its nice deep yellow color and it packed with the goodness of chia seeds. The recipe is pretty simple, similar to the other bread recipes that I have been using… I use the water roux or tangzhong method to accomplish the Asian bread texture, and adjusted the liquid content since the seed were soaked in water before being [...]

Chia Seed Dinner Rolls

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This is an Asian inspired recipe for soft and cottony rolls with chia seeds using tangzhong method. Chia seeds have been in the new quite often lately…so what is about chia seeds that is bringing so much attention? Studies have shown that chia seeds are excellent sources of omega-3 fatty acid. Yes, the same “good” fat that can be found in fatty fish. Omega-3 fatty acid is a polyunsaturated fat that can help reduce “bad” cholesterol in your blood therefore it can lower your risk of heart disease and stroke. Anyway, chia seeds have been part of my kitchen cupboard for awhile, I use them on my oatmeal mix in the morning, sometimes in baking…so I decided to add these [...]